Letter From the Editor:

Angie Fenton

It is so easy to take the community you live in for granted or stick to the familiar. That’s why I’m excited about this week’s cover story, 18 Things to Do in 2018, by writer JD Dotson. My hope is that the compilation of places to visit, experiences to enjoy and opportunities to connect with others serves as a gentle nudge to make the most of 2018.

Speaking of the next year, as I said in this space in my Jan. 4 letter, I’d like to hear what – who – you want to see in these pages and appreciate those of you who have already responded. Feedback from your audience is incredibly gratifying for an editor, particularly because it’s evidence that readers feel a sense of ownership. So, please, keep it coming.

You’ll notice we started a new Voice of Style feature called On Trend, which highlights the subject’s personal style. What’s fashionable is in the eye of the beholder, which means this new edition is going to be a lot of fun. If you know a person, couple or even a family whose fashion sense needs to be shared, let us know.

As always, we want to know your business – literally. You can send press releases and announcements for publication in Business Briefs. We also welcome accompanying photos and illustrations. While space is limited, as long as the brief is relevant to our goal of sharing information applicable to the world of business, we almost always ensure it gets printed – and it doesn’t cost a thing.

You know what else The Voice-Tribune doesn’t charge for? Coverage of events. Ever.

While we can’t possibly cover every event and often have to pick and choose which ones we feature, when we do commit to coverage, we happily pay the photographer out of our editorial budget. We would never ask you, your business or your nonprofit organization to cover those costs – and haven’t since The Voice-Tribune began in 1949.

As you look ahead to what comes next in 2018, keep all of us at The Voice-Tribune posted by calling 502.897.8900 or emailing circulation@redpinmedia.com.