Letter from the Editor

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This was a very challenging issue to produce. Everyone I interact with lately asks me the same question, “So how’s it going?” Taking on the role of Editor in Chief hasn’t necessarily been challenging through any fault of the publication, but the constantly changing world has continued to force me to examine our role in it.

From the pain and suffering of those seeking justice right in our very own backyard, to the uncertainty of the long term impact of the pandemic on our worldwide population, to the seemingly simple task of learning how to work and function remotely — ​we’re living in a world unlike any we have known before. Having taken on the role of editor during such trying times calls to mind the familiar quote, ​“With great power comes great responsibility.” As I reminded myself of this both empowering and humbling phrase, I was also reminded of a phrase my dearest friend once told me, that the only way forward is ​through. We must get ​through​ this time together and embrace this opportunity to confront the things head-on that have so often been pushed aside or avoided. We must push ​through​ what is challenging because it will provide the greatest reward.

In this issue, we focused on the meaning of “home,” how it has changed the past three months and what our readers can do now to adapt. We have our usual talented contributors, Jeff Howard, Liz Gastiger and Kevin, who offer fitness and baking advice to keep you healthy and happy at home. We have Steve Humphrey, who questions the concept of time, and Josh Miller who teaches us how to be courageous at home. We also featured a new writer, Barrett Freibert, who interviewed Louisvillians living all over the country and how their idea of home relates to their sense of self. As Janice mentioned in her letter, we also highlighted our editorial team of nine incredible women who collectively manage to produce this publication every single month for each and every one of you and for whom I am eternally grateful.

Please know that every day we are attempting to traverse this new landscape, just as you are, and I hope with each new issue we release, that it will provide insight on our community and enable you to reflect on our constantly changing surroundings. Once again, we are all in this together and we are stronger together.

Sincerely yours,

Liz Bingham
Editor in Chief