Letter From the Editor

Behind the scenes of the “Splash Into Summer” fashion editorial at the home of Joe Wood.

Years ago, a big-time Louisville entrepreneur who was making waves around the world but receiving zero coverage locally looked at me and said, “I don’t think people understand what’s happening here.”

I did my homework, and he was right.

Thankfully, that’s now changed.

The Voice-Tribune team and I couldn’t be more excited to share this issue with you and highlight people who are making waves around the world.

Soozie Eastman is one of those. In this issue, we get the “reel” truth behind her documentary that is garnering rave reviews.

We also peek in on an incredible pool party, get back to school tips from principals and visit Homearama.

And then, there’s this.

The first time I met Louise Cecil, I was terrified.

I’d been sent to her costume shop off Floyd Street, knocked on a heavy, metal door and spoke into a rusted speaker announcing my name and reason for my presence. Soon, I was greeted by a man who beckoned me to board an old-school, industrial elevator.

This was years before iPhones and social media, and I was alone, but I went anyway, making small talk as we inched upwards.

When the elevator came to a lurching stop, I held my breath.

And then the doors opened to what felt like a wonderland. I’d landed in Louise’s world, and hours later, I left feeling like I’d been touched by royalty with a cloud of pixie dust.

That was Louise: She was magical.

Soozie Eastman is styled by Andre Wilson and photographed by Andrea Hutchinson at the home of Linda Eastman and at the Speed Cinema.
Photos by Britany Baker and Andrea Hutchinson.

After that first meeting, I didn’t hesitate to reach out for costumes, fashion shoot props and advice, too, about ways to fuel creativity. I looked forward to the clandestine albeit welcoming introduction to her world every time I knocked on her door.

Before I left, even if she had a hundred other people in her shop, she always took a moment to tell me I was welcome back any time. I am positive she said nearly the same thing to everyone who had the good fortune of experiencing Louise’s magical love and passion for creating.

You can see our celebration of Louise in this issue, which features a photo of her by Frankie Steele, on page 102. Thank you, Louise, for teaching so many of us the importance of enjoying life.

Angie Fenton
Editor in Chief