Letter from the Editor

The Nov. 22 edition of The Voice-Tribune will be our final weekly issue. But before we transition to a glossy, monthly magazine – which will remain free, thanks to our advertising partners – we’d like to hear from you. Do you have fond memories of reading The Voice? Can you recall the first time you saw your photograph in the Society pages? And, speaking of firsts, when did you initially discover this publication, which first debuted in 1949? If you’re willing to share your thoughts with us and your fellow readers, we’d like to include them in print. You can reach me at angie@voice-tribune.com or 502.897.8900 ext. 208. I hope to hear from many of you for what will be a very special issue.    

On another note, choosing the 2018 New Voices of Philanthropy was no easy feat for our panel, but Miles Harrison, Ryan and Rachel Miranda, Jacqueline Brill, Anjali Chadha and Shelby Allen were this year’s stand-outs. On Friday, we – in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Louisville – will honor these individuals who are committed to being leaders in our community and on a mission to make others feel like they matter through their time, talents and treasures. You can read more about their endeavors in this week’s cover story by Managing Editor Mariah Kline. If you’d like to join us for the celebration at the Speed Art Museum, which includes free admission to After Hours at the Speed, you can purchase tickets at voice-tribune.com.