Letter From the Editor

Before you dive into this week’s edition of The Voice-Tribune, I want to address the giant elephant (or is that a Cardinal?) in the room: There’s an awful lot of University of Louisville love in this issue. One of our primary goals was to highlight the good work the Petrino Family Foundation continues to do for our Louisville community, so it only made sense that we maintained a focus on UofL. And, despite putting out a social media call for amazing Louisville-based tailgates (another feature in this issue), I received zero responses from fans of other colleges and universities calling me out, though I’d have deserved it if they did.

That being said, we do feature previews of the upcoming football seasons for Indiana, Kentucky and (go figure) Louisville. And at least one of the UofL tailgaters we interviewed wanted us to mention that all are welcome, regardless of their school affiliation. But still…there’s an awful lot of Louisville love. So, if you support a college team you’d like to see receive some space in these pages – or you’d just like to give me the business for neglecting your team – you can contact me at 502.897.8900 or angie@voice-tribune.com.

For the record, I’m a Central Michigan alum who also cheers on the Cards and have been since I moved to Louisville in 2002. I married a UK fan, whose blood runs blue through and through thanks to his mother and late father. In fact, when we learned I was pregnant with our now 2 and 1/2-year-old, we had a super-serious conversation about possible names, godparents and what school she would be raised to support before talking about pretty much everything else in our child’s upbringing. I’m not kidding.

We easily came up with a name and the godparents but arrived at an impasse regarding schools. Until, that is, I presented probably the best negotiation offer of my life: Olive, our now-toddler, could be raised a UK fan, but in turn, I was allowed to choose how many and what types of animals we adopted.

The offer was accepted and my husband and I now have a UK-loving daughter…along with Jake, a St. Bernard we adopted from Southern Indiana Animal Rescue; Major, a collie, and Haven, a boxer, both from The Arrow Fund; a chiweenie (that’s a chihuahua-weiner dog) named Yoda from Animal Care Society; Ellie, a senior Great Pyrenees we welcomed with open arms when her previous owner had to make the difficult decision to give her up; a former street cat named Wally; and a feline named Dash, who was one of nine kittens my husband found in a field in Henryville (all of the kitties were adopted, by the way).

So, every time my husband and daughter don their Cats garb, I don’t cheer along with them – but I smile because their enthusiasm for UK is often punctuated by barks and meows. We all won with that deal, and we have a lot of fun – and fur. So much fur.

Here’s to a great kickoff to football season regardless of which team you support.