A Kitten and Puppy For Any Workplace on October 1

Jenny Church and Alisa Gray of the Kentucky Humane Society with Willow and Sandi.

Jenny Church and Alisa Gray of the Kentucky Humane Society with Willow and Sandi.

When the Kentucky Humane Society brought a kitten and a puppy for The Voice-Tribune staff to play with on an otherwise dreary Monday, we could not have been happier. Turns out anyone with $200 can have the same – all they need to do is call the Kentucky Humane Society. We caught up with the organization’s development director, Alisa Gray to get all the details.

IMG_0815Why do we have a kitten and a puppy in our office today?

Well, they wanted to come and visit you first of all! But we are participating in Give Local Louisville on October 1 with the Community Foundation of Louisville. So all day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., we are going to a variety of different businesses around Louisville to celebrate philanthropy. It’s $200 for a puppy or kitten to be brought to your workplace, and they will be there for half an hour or so. We are just stopping by as many places as we can to make everyone’s day and of course raise money for the thousands of animals we have available for adoption.

So every animal that you bring is available for adoption?

Absolutely. They may be in foster care right now, but they will be available. We’re bringing around all the cute ones you can cuddle with.

TVT_2688There are so many animals that need homes – this must be a great way of highlighting that.

Yes, it’s a great way to showcase the wonderful animals we have up for adoption while also raising money for the Kentucky Humane Society. And it’s also really good for people in the workplace. Animals definitely help with stress and overall mental stability, so yes, it’s a great way to celebrate animals in our community. But we love what we’re doing, seeing how excited everyone gets when the animals come in.

Is this something that people can expect more of?

We actually did a puppy and a kitten gram for Valentine’s Day, and we will probably do that again next year.

How can people donate this year?

They can visit givelocalouisville.org, and each donation will be matched by the Community Foundation. Or they may donate directly at kyhumane.org or call 502.515.3147 to set up a kitten or puppy visit for your workplace.