Kennedy’s Slime Shop

A Q&A with a young entrepreneur about her slime business


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


Twelve-year-old Kennedy Darley recently opened her slime shop, selling pre-made and custom slime. Though Kennedy lives in Jacksonville, Florida, her mother is our Events Director and Account Executive, Dana Darley Daily! Kennedy does gymnastics, cheers and bakes for fun when not running her slime shop. We spoke with Kennedy to learn more about her shop and what she’s learned about running her own business.

What inspired you to open a Slime Shop?

I opened it a couple of months ago, around early March. I wanted to do it because I saw it was a rising business. I really liked it when I started doing it. I think slime is a very relaxing thing. You can’t really go wrong when making it, so it’s a nice creative outlet. 

What products do you offer?

I am selling the slime itself. I also do custom orders. I can do that if someone has a specific color or something they want. Slime is great for sensory and stress relief. It’s also fun to play with. It’s nice when you’re watching TV and want something to fiddle with. 

What have you learned about running a business through this process?

You have to stock up on supplies. If someone orders one and you don’t have the supplies, it’s hard to fill the order. You also have to make sure you don’t overspend on one thing you don’t really need. And then you have to get the money you spend back when you sell the product. 

Where do you sell your products?

We’re working on getting a Shopify. I take email orders as well to info@threedhospitality.com.