Joyce Meyer and Lisa Stemler

Story and photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Joyce Meyer and Lisa Stemler were both athletes until college, when they began exploring how to dress for adult life outside of the athletic realm. Both of their mothers were fashionable business women. Lisa’s mother was a CEO who passed her wardrobe on to her daughter.

Joyce Meyer and Lisa Stemler.

Lisa loves statement shoes since she had to wear corrective, orthopedic shoes during her childhood. She ultimately had surgery to correct her pigeon toes, but once she healed up and had the freedom to wear what she wanted, she felt the urge to make up for lost time.

Joyce’s favorite labels are Alice & Olivia, Joie and Gucci. She likes to find intricate and ornate details and statement pieces to build around. She appreciates Gucci’s color palette and says their pieces match across the years and that helps her get more mileage out of the clothes she’s already invested in.

Lisa’s favorite labels are Coach, Gucci and Ralph Lauren. She attends many gallery shows and art galas with Joyce, and she grew tired of having her beautiful gowns stepped on. Once she’d had enough of tattered hems and frayed edges, she bought two bespoke tuxedos and has never looked back.

While the styles of both women are different, they do complement one another, much like their personalities. In addition to fashion, both Joyce and Lisa have an immense love for the arts and enjoy showing that love through their personal style. VT