Joyce Meyer Hosts Voice October Issue Launch Party

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

n Oct. 7, Joyce Meyer hosted a small get-together for close friends and family at her home to celebrate the launch of the October issue of The Voice-Tribune.

  • Thomas, Lynnie and Tinsley Meyer.

  • Thomas and Tinsley Meyer with Judge Eric Haner and Mary Lou Meyer.

  • Joyce Meyer and Lisa Stemler.

  • Kelly Hymes and Vincent Straight.

  • The October 2020 Issue of the Voice-Tribune.

  • Janice Carter Levitch and Steve Humphrey.

  • Vincent Straight, Coyote Calhoun and Kelly Hymes.

  • Joyce Meyer, Coyote Calhoun and Kelly Hymes.

  • Larry Sharpin and Ladonna Nicolas.

  • Mary Lou and Joyce Meyer, Coyote Calhoun, Kelly Hymes, Tinsley and Lynnie Meyer and Lisa Stemler.

  • Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler, Larry Sharpin, Ladonna Nicolas, Lynnie Meyer, Vincent Straight, Thomas and Tinsley Meyer, Mary Lou Meyer and Kelly Hymes.