Introducing Camp Bespoke

COO Latasha Reid, CHO Misty Smith, CFO Dr. Angelina Strickland and CEO Nicole Brassington

A Kentucky glamping experience with a broader purpose


By Ellie Kemper
Photos provided by J Wagner Group


After spending months stuck at home, wouldn’t it be nice to have a weekend getaway and a change of scenery? Bespoke Campgrounds is the perfect outdoor option that goes beyond traditional camping, offering an experience you won’t find anywhere else, and conveniently, you don’t have to travel far! The brand new multimillion-dollar glamping site “Camp Bespoke” is coming to the heart of Kentucky, just an hour away from Lexington and Louisville. 

The first majority Black female-owned glamping site in the region, Camp Bespoke held its grand opening this Wednesday, August 12. This new, modern, boutique campground is nestled on 31 acres in the heart of horse country in Kentucky. Camp Bespoke defines glamping as “combining the breathtaking elements of nature with the comforts of traditional hotel lodging,” allowing families to enjoy the happiness of camping without sacrificing the comforts of home, all while supporting local businesses and charitable organizations. 

The groundbreaking of Camp Bespoke.

This luxury glamping site, located at 500 Mercedes Drive, Williamstown, KY, is set to open for guests in October 2020. This fall, Camp Bespoke will accommodate 200 guests in deluxe cabins and cottages sourced from repurposed shipping containers. The cabins (350 sq. ft) sleep 4-8 people, cottages (150 sq. ft) sleep 2-4 people and tepees (450 – 530sq. ft) sleep 6-8. All of these accommodations are outfitted with bathrooms, mini-split units and kitchenettes. In addition to its upcycled luxury lodging, Camp Bespoke will provide amenities and activities that guests will be able to enjoy on the campground, including family-friendly movie nights, live entertainment and games located throughout the property. Curated experience packages authentic to the region, such as horseback riding excursions and distillery tours, can also be arranged through the camp. Camp Bespoke will provide travelers with a unique, adventurous and sustainable experience through activities, hospitalities and accommodations, all while supporting Kentucky businesses and demographics. As Camp Bespoke eagerly awaits new guests in the fall, they intend to ensure the satisfaction and safety of their guests by providing clean, safe and comfortable environments. 

President of Fund For The Arts Christen Boone.

Lexington native and Camp Bespoke Founder & CEO Nicole Brassington describes her vision for the campgrounds saying, “We wanted to create a destination where there is a little something for everyone! Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or prefer to lodge at hotels, Camp Bespoke is the perfect blend of both! Camp Bespoke is truly a Kentucky Proud project designed to be an elevated camping experience with unique lodging accommodations and curated excursions authentic to Kentucky that will create memories that last a lifetime. We’re creating a social enterprise designed to benefit communities across the Commonwealth.” Brassington works alongside her all-female owners at Camp Bespoke, Misty Smith, co-founder & CHO, Latasha Reid, COO and Dr. Angelina Strickland, CFO. 

Camp Bespoke CEO Nicole Brassington.

Another great aspect of this new venue is its commitment to Kentucky businesses and charities. The Bespoke team has made a tremendous effort to utilize local resources and support businesses throughout Kentucky. “We are committed to sustainability through collaborations with local, regional and state stakeholders by integrating sustainable business practices and increasing interest to ensure our campground will thrive despite seasonal adjustments” explains Brassington. One of these commitments includes donating a percentage of sales to organizations that uphold standards of fairness and equality across the state. For example, Camp Bespoke will donate $1 from every tepee booked on their grounds to the Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum with a yearly minimum donation of $5,000. Additionally, Camp Bespoke will donate to the Fund for the Arts to support art programs for minorities, underserved youth and artists throughout the state of Kentucky. Bespoke Campgrounds has also partnered with Black Soil for resources across the entire campground to help foster sustainability for black farmers and producers as they provide healthy food options to a larger consumer base. This is an important initiative for the team at Bespoke Campgrounds, as Black farmers are a minority accounting for less than 600 of the 76,000 agricultural operations in Kentucky. Through these relationships, Camp Bespoke founders have demonstrated an authenticity and an intention to prioritize Kentuckians. 

Mayor Rick Skinner.

Camp Bespoke is currently hiring for many positions, creating at least 44 new jobs in the area. Additionally, the campgrounds is excited to contribute to the economic development and growing tourism in Kentucky. Camp Bespoke plans to expand its property to include additional lodging accommodations, a conference center, event pavilion and an outdoor amphitheater in the spring of 2021. 

To watch the LIVE opening of Camp Bespoke or for more information please visit campbespoke.com.