Kent Taylor and Connie Leonard

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

Photo by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune

They’ve been married almost 13 years, yet many people still don’t know Kent Taylor and Connie Leonard are a couple.

The WAVE-3 TV personalities are, in fact, husband and wife, but since Connie chose to keep her maiden name on air, the public is often left confused when they see her out with her other half.

“With us being on the air and having different last names, most people do not know that we’re married,” said Connie, who is the 7 p.m. news anchor and an 11 p.m. reporter for WAVE. “The last two years on Derby Day, I’ve gotten an e-mail from people that are like, my wife and I have a bet, are you and Kent Taylor married?”

Connie will gladly confirm she and Kent are an item, though the two rarely mention their relationship on the job.

The couple work the night shift together, with Kent the sports director at WAVE, but they first met at another station.

“We actually became friends (at WLKY) and then I got a job at WAVE and our friendship continued, and we started dating after that,” Connie said.

At her former employer, a friend of Connie’s mentioned Kent was interested in her, but Connie shrugged it off insisting Kent was just a friend. The thought seemed to have opened Connie’s mind to dating him, which she did. Two years later, she and Kent were engaged to be married.

“It’s not a good story,” Kent and Connie both laughed about the proposal.

“I had the ring and it was burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m thinking how am I going to do this,” Kent explained. “And one night I decided to do it, and I came home and she was like watching ‘Frasier.’ … She didn’t want to be bothered.”

“I didn’t know what he was doing,” Connie laughed. “He was acting weird. He was so nervous.”

“This was before reality TV really took off,” Kent continued. “Now I wouldn’t even consider interrupting ‘Real Housewives’ of anywhere.”

Connie quickly forgave the interruption and said “yes” to Kent. The couple married on August 7, 1999, at Lutheran Concordia church. Following the ceremony, they held a reception at the Brown and Williamson Club, which had just opened at the time inside Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. They later snapped some wedding photos on the football field below, a perfect backdrop for two people who have a shared passion for sports.

While the duo get along great working, living and playing together, the first year of marriage wasn’t so easy.

“We never saw each other, and it kind of made it difficult,” Connie recalled. “We didn’t really talk; we weren’t really seeing each other at work at all because he was still at (WLKY) Channel 32 for (about a year before moving to WAVE).”

Getting used to married life was also a challenge, as it is for most newlywed couples. However, with some maturity and Kent’s move to WAVE, the next 12 years of marriage were even easier, especially once Connie switched to the evening news.

“We choose to work nights because he has to work nights,” Connie said. “It’s just a lot easier for us to be able to have time to run an errand or if we want to go to lunch or something like that before we go to work so we can have some time together.”

Outside of the job, Connie and Kent like to travel off the beaten path. It’s a joke between the two that Connie’s next career will be at a travel agency, since she likes to plan every vacation down to the last detail.

“When we go on vacation, we just want to get away,” Kent said. “The best place is maybe a place where your phone doesn’t work.” Sometimes it’s also a location without a TV, though that wasn’t originally a popular idea for Kent when the two went to Napa during football season one September.

The pair have also had the opportunity to visit cities in the U.S. and abroad with their respective careers, which have entailed covering the Olympics and several Final Fours.

Outside of traveling, Connie and Kent spend time at home relaxing and watching TV, especially Connie who loves her reality television.

“I just watch ‘Sportscenter,’” Kent assured. “I do watch some of those (reality shows) sometimes, but not any of those ‘Real Housewives’ shows.”

The couple share a home in the Highlands with their two dogs, Maddie and Hank. And most importantly, they share a sense of humor, which is particularly helpful with the stress of meeting deadline at work.

“I think the main thing for us is we have a sense of humor,” Connie said of what makes their relationship work. “We have like a really weird, sometimes really dumb, sometimes really strange sense of humor. He makes me laugh all the time because he’s always saying something really ridiculous; he cracks me up.”

“Laughter is the best medicine – how ‘bout that,” Kent said with a grin.


“Do laugh and act goofy and be yourselves,” Connie said. “Do things that you’re interested in. Be more courteous to each other and not selfish.”


“Don’t steal things off your spouse’s list,” Kent joked as Connie named all his “Do’s” of marriage.

“My mother always said don’t go to bed mad,” Connie said.

3 Responses to “Kent Taylor and Connie Leonard”

  1. Wanda

    I did not know, but you two make a beautiful couple. May God continue to Bless and keep you two together, evidently you two are very happy. Love you both

  2. John Maholm

    As someone who’s been lucky enough to know Kent for 20+ years, I can honestly say that they are truly a wonderful duo and two of my favorite Kentuckians. I just think it’s great how Kent handles it when Connie is recognized in public and congratulated for all of her awards. Not once have I seen him become jealous and/or say, “Uh, I’m on TV too. Seriously, I do sports.” His humility is refreshing and awe-inspiring, to say the least. The only surprise in this article was Kent failing to mention his passion for watching Days of Our Lives. Let’s be honest, you don’t attend nine consecutive Soap Conventions unless you’re a pretty big fan of the daytime dramas. Well, cheers for many more blissful years of marriage and hugs and kisses from California.

  3. mike

    That is awesome. Really like to hear stories like this…are you two going to see anchorman 2 together?