Dr. Timothy Acord and Dr. Korie Dunhoft Acord

Dr. Timothy Acord and Dr. Korie Dunhoft Acord.

Dr. Timothy Acord and Dr. Korie Dunhoft Acord.

During the first year they began dating, Dr. Timothy Acord of Kentucky Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center wanted to take his then girlfriend, Korie, on a trip she had always dreamed of – a visit to New York City to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

On a cold winter day, the couple hopped on a train to Manhattan to spend their time shopping and sipping on “frrrozen hot chocolate” from Serendipity 3 before finally arriving in front of the enormous Norway Spruce covered in five miles of Christmas lights.

But, the surprise that day didn’t necessarily come from the sight of the iconic evergreen, but instead the sound of three words.

“We were there looking at the tree and that was the first time he told me he loved me,” Korie said.

The memory is still fresh for Korie, who first met Tim in Delaware where both completed their residency after dental school.

Another memory still vivid in Korie’s mind: the very moment she first saw her future husband.

“I still to this day remember seeing him for the first time,” Korie said. “We were in orientation at the hospital and he had walked past and I don’t know why he seemed so much taller. He had on a big white coat and he seemed like a Southern guy compared to the rest in Delaware.”

Tim, a native of Virginia, and Korie, born in Northern Kentucky, began dating shortly after. “I always tell my friends she’s the coolest girl I’ve ever met,” Tim said of how he knew Korie was “the one.” “She’s just down to earth and easy to spend time with.”

Deciding it was time to propose to Korie, Tim drew up a creative scheme to pop the question.

“I knew I wanted to (propose on) Memorial weekend in 2007,” Tim said. “We have dogs – an English bulldog (Maggie), a yellow Labrador (Bailey), and now a French bulldog (Louie). I wanted to incorporate our dogs.”

While picking up Korie from the airport one day, Tim brought along Maggie, who wore an engagement ring on her collar.

“I figured as soon as (Korie) got in the car, she’d see it and I could stop and propose.”

Things didn’t go quite according to plan, however, as Korie became fixated on the fast-paced Philadelphia traffic and was more concerned about Tim’s car being towed than looking down at Maggie’s collar.

“He was getting cranky and irritated,” Korie laughed.

“It was nerve-racking!” Tim quipped.

“We started to pull off and I saw (the ring) and was like, “Oh, my gosh!” Korie said. “And then he goes is that a yes? I forgot to say yes.”

Following the proposal, Tim and Korie were married on May 17, 2008. The couple moved to Louisville after Tim finished his residency, and in November 2010, Korie opened Derby City Pediatric Dentistry, a unique dental office off Old Henry Road filled with bright jockey silks and Kentucky Derby-themed decorations.

With Korie being a pediatric dentist and Tim an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, the two often consult with one another and share stories from their day at work once they come home from the office.
“It’s interesting because when I met her I never thought I’d end up with someone in the same field and I think she felt the same thing too,” Tim said. “But, we got along so well and it’s so nice to actually tell stories about your day and someone understand exactly what you’re talking about. We have completely separate lives as far as work goes but we come home and it’s like we were both there with each other all day.”

Understanding Korie’s side of the field and her type of patients has also benefitted Tim when it comes to his patience.

“She’s great with kids,” Tim said. “Kids and dentistry are difficult, and they’re very difficult when you don’t have a lot of patience. She’s taught me a lot about that and it’s made me a better surgeon.”

Outside of their time cleaning teeth and performing surgeries, the couple enjoys eating at various restaurants around town, including The Village Anchor and Jeff Ruby’s, and cheering for the Cards at football and basketball games.

“I’m still a UVA fan deep down at heart, but I’m a Cards fan too,” Tim assured.

And, of course the couple love the Kentucky Derby.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with horse racing,” Tim said. “We’ve won some good bets. We have horses in Virginia but it’s nothing at all like it is here in Louisville.”