In 2021, we’re most looking forward to…

Happy New Year! As we embark on a new year and put 2020 behind us, The Voice-Tribune team would like to share what we’re most looking forward to in 2021 to reconnect with you, our readers, and celebrate new beginnings. What are you most looking forward to?

“What I’m looking forward to most in 2021 is continuing to highlight our local businesses in our community and the surrounding area within the beautiful pages of The Voice. Also being able to spend time with family and friends is definitely a priority as well!” – Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Publisher

“An era of new leadership! I’m looking forward to returning to a more “normal,” peaceful world where small businesses can thrive, loved ones can gather and it’s safe to travel the world again. And Italian lessons! I was gifted them for Christmas and can’t wait to start.” – Liz Bingham, Editor in Chief

“I recently bought an online course to learn how to read the Akashic Records, so I’m excited to become more in tune with my intuition and spiritual guides. I look forward to developing my connection to the metaphysical and discovering communities with whom I can discuss my journey.” – Sarah Levitch, Staff Writer

“I’m excited to be finishing up my junior year at the University of Maryland and begin my final year! I’m hoping to study abroad in Australia in the fall and if I’m able to do that I can’t wait for all the adventures, studies and new places I’ll get to explore. I’m excited to start preparing to begin the next chapter of my life!” – Elizabeth Scinta, Editorial Assistant

“This year I’m looking forward to making as much art as my two hands can manage and whatever adventures dog walks lead to…usually Heine Brothers’ lattes and little libraries!” – Pascalle Ballard, Art Director

“One of my 2021 goals is to learn more sign language; I’m looking forward to being able to communicate better with deaf and hard of hearing folks. Starting at the end of the month, I’ll also be selling handmade earrings and those profits will be donated to trans folks of color to help pay for hormones, surgeries, housing and food. 2020 made me realize how lucky I am that I rarely face transphobia and have a stable access to hormones, and I’m so grateful to be in the position where I can help others with that expense.” – Lane Levitch, Advertising Designer

“I’m most looking forward to getting vaccinated, getting to see more of my family and traveling again (hopefully)!” – Kathryn Harrington, Staff Photographer

“One of my biggest goals is to produce a photobook of creative photography.  I have been incubating some big ideas and want to set them in motion!” – Andrea Hutchinson, Staff Photographer

“I am looking forward to all the wonderful arts and entertainment venues opening as well as the arts festivals.” – Marsha Blacker, Account Executive

“The thing I am looking most forward to is seeing people smile again and spending more time with the people I love.” – Julie Koenig, Account Executive

“Like everyone else, I would like a swift return to normal from the pandemic. Would love to see us reach herd immunity by the end of February and an end to mask requirements by the end of March. I would love to see restrictions lifted from restaurants and businesses as soon as possible. Bring on the cocktails, conga lines and concerts!” – Karen Pierce, Account Executive

“I am looking forward to continued health for my family and friends. I am so excited to be able to watch my kids play sports again. I am hopeful that we can return to more normalcy. I also look forward to better times for my clients in the restaurant, retail and other service industries.” – Lauren Sharp Anderson, Account Executive

“I miss the energy of working in a shared workspace and look forward to having a calendar full of luncheons and business meetings in our city’s beautiful downtown.” – Laura Snyder, COO