St. X Welcomes New Football Coach Kevin Wallace

By Randy Whetstone Jr.

Kevin Wallace has traveled more than 120 miles from Bowling Green to Louisville to take over as the new football coach at St. Xavier High School after former coach Will Wolford stepped down back in December. Wallace previously coached at Bowling Green High School, where he led the program to five state championships. Now, he has become the 19th head football coach at St. X. He shares what he looks to bring to the program for years to come.

What interested you the most about the St. X position?

The academic and athletic traditions at St. X have earned national respect. I have been a part of coaching St. X athletes in all-star events and have competed against them for several years. Those factors set a foundation for my interest in leading the program.

What went into your decision making to accept the job?

Most importantly, it was a family decision. Without the support and approval of my wife and children, I would not have considered the move. Other factors in the decision centered around being part of the St. X climate and coaching at the highest level of high school football in Kentucky.

What is your coaching philosophy and how will you work to acclimate students to your new system?

Coaching is a teaching and relationship business. I hope to earn the respect of our staff and players and, with their help, create a culture that will inspire. I want every stakeholder to be accountable and committed to working and improving our performance on a daily basis. In terms of how we will play, my goal is for St. X to be a physical team that has great attention to detail for individual assignments and that we find ways to put our best players in a position to impact the game.

How will you try to impact the lives of players off the field?

It is my hope that our program will aide in the academic, social, spiritual and athletic growth of each player at St. X.

What kind of culture do you want to establish for the Tigers?

Everyone in our program will share the responsibility for building a “team-first” mentality. Attitude, effort and willingness to compete are within everyone’s control. A program that is full of positive attitudes and great effort has the potential to improve.

How will you maintain the success that St. X has had in recent years?

I believe that if I surround myself with quality people, my main job will be to organize a program that allows those people to use their talents in the best manner possible. It’s obvious to me that there are great people involved with the football program at St. X. My priority will include a detail-oriented approach to discovering things that we can do to improve.

Have you already started thinking about the Trinity and St. X rivalry? What does it mean to you?

The St. X-Trinity rivalry is the “gold standard” of high school athletics in Kentucky. Trinity has elevated their football program to being a consistent national power. If we expect to make it a consistent rivalry, we must discover a way to bring St. X to the same standard of excellence on the football field.

What will you do to cultivate this program for the future?

The only promises I can make are those that are within my control. I will commit to everyone connected with our program. I will be persistent in my efforts to operate a successful program on the field and create a culture for young people to develop within the mission of St. Xavier High School. VT

Coaching Background and Experience

1984-90  Head Baseball Coach, Warren East High School (142-76)

1984-93  Head Football Coach, Warren East High School (45-61)

1990-93  Athletic Director, Warren East High School

1994-95  Assistant Football Coach, Bowling Green High School

1996-2017  Head Football Coach, Bowling Green High School (254-41)

Awards and Honors

1993, 2002, 2007 Assistant Coach, Kentucky All-Stars

1996  Courier-Journal Class AAA Coach of the Year

2005  Courier-Journal Kentucky Coach of the Year

2008  Head Coach, Kentucky All-Stars

2012  KHSADA Kentucky Coach of the Year

2012  NFHS Mid-East Regional Coach of the Year

2012  Courier-Journal Class 5A Coach of the Year

2012  Sporting Times Region 4 Male Coach of the Year

2013  Associated Press Kentucky Coach of the Year

2016  National High School Coaches Association, National Football Coach of the Year nominee

2017  U.S. Army All-American Game, San Antonio, Texas, East Offensive Coordinator

Regional Championship Seasons

1988  Warren East Baseball, State Semifinalist (30-6)

1998  Bowling Green, Class 3A State Semifinalist (13-1)

2005  Bowling Green, Class 3A State Runner-Up (13-2)

2006  Bowling Green, Class 3A State Runner-Up (13-2)

2007  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Runner-Up (13-2)

2009  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Semifinalist (11-3)

2011  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Champions (15-0)

2012  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Champions (15-0)

2013  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Champions (14-0)

2015  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Champions (14-1)

2016  Bowling Green, Class 5A State Champions (15-0)

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