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Lori Steinberg, Charlotte and Jill Ricketts at J. McLaughlin.

Chenoweth Square prepares for Derby season

Story by Graham Pilotte

Photos by Tim Valentino

If you’re ready to step into Derby season in style, the time is now. Chenoweth Square’s Derby Trot, coming up on April 11, is the perfect time to find what you need. From outfits to party planning resources, the local businesses in Chenoweth Square have something for everyone.

Walter Wagner Jr., owner of Chenoweth Square, looks forward to the event each year. “Meredith Metzmeier from Cartwheels came up with it as a way to promote Chenoweth,” Wagner explains. “We’ve been doing it now for several years, and the merchants do a great job. It’s a time for everyone to merchandise and to get ready for Derby.”

The Derby Trot event takes place from 6 to 9 p.m., making a festive evening for both customers and store owners alike. “It’s kind of a blast – some of the merchants even serve wine and hors d’oeuvres,” Wagner says. Shoppers can stroll through the different stores, taking a look at everything from party invitations to accessories and gifts.

The Chenoweth Square merchants each have a specialty, but Louisvillians know that they frequently come together to make sure shoppers have a complete experience. “You can look all over Louisville, but I bet you can’t find a group of merchants who get together like we do,” Wagner says with pride. The local businesses in Chenoweth Square cover a range of goods and services. If one store doesn’t carry a shopper’s specific need, store owners are happy to point them in the right direction.

Music, refreshments and special promotions all add to the upbeat atmosphere, and the local store owners love building up business for their fellow Chenoweth Square tenants. “Some of our merchants are relatively new, and it’s a way for them to be promoted. Also, it’s just fun for everyone to get together,” Wagner asserts.

Of course, as the upcoming Kentucky Derby is a universal interest among Louisvillians, this event is especially noteworthy. “Derby is a great thing for Louisville,” Wagner says. “Look at the people that Derby draws into Louisville, and what it does for our hotels and restaurants – it gives Louisville national exposure.” The Chenoweth Square stores love to show some of Louisville’s best to both newcomers and regular shoppers, and events like the Derby Trot can serve both. “Doing what we do just kind of emphasizes how great Derby is for the city,” Wagner explains. “Our shoppers have a chance to get a bargain, so it’s an all-around good thing.”

The Chenoweth Square residents are always happy to welcome back both regular shoppers and new faces, and Derby season is the perfect time to usher in spring. Whether you’re starting to plan your Derby parties or looking for the final touch on an outfit, Chenoweth Square’s Derby Trot may have exactly what you’re looking for. VT

The Derby Trot

6 to 9 p.m. April 11

3907 Chenoweth Square

Facebook: @ChenowethSquareWCW