A Touch of Tranquility

Summer Eliason adds a tasteful twist to traditional home off Brownsboro Road


By Ella Treinen
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


With modern design styles on the rise, Interior Designer Summer Eliason crossed modern and traditional elements to create a transitional atmosphere within a home off Brownsboro Road. Balancing beauty with comfort and practicality, Eliason creates a space just right for the homeowners, their two kids and their dog. The home showcases eclectic art, a pale aqua color palette and an open floor plan.

“I think we especially can use a little happy right now in our color palettes. Keeping that consistent flow of colors is nice. You’re just kind of in a cocoon with this pale aqua and neutral palette,” said Eliason. 

This tranquil color palette first came to fruition in the dining room. The dining room serves as a perfect example of the home’s transitional style, as the homeowner’s initial dining room table and antique Murano glass Italian lamps merge with a modern turquoise glass shelf and bamboo chairs. An art lover like Eliason the homeowner, also brought some of her finds into the home. The art glass situated on top of the sideboard is a piece she purchased in Vail, which served as a source of inspiration for the room.

Inspiration for many of the house’s other rooms on the first floor came from the original architecture, with high ceilings and an open floor layout. From the cozy living room sectional, you can see the dining room or look up at the second-floor overlook. A giant art piece hangs over the mantel creating a comfortable space, with colorful pillows, swivel chairs and a durable leather ottoman. 

The pops of art and bright colors don’t stop on the first floor. Their daughter’s room is full of funky patterns and pieces. For an eight-year-old, this “big girl room” is a dream space. It showcases her mom’s reused headboard and nightstands, an elegant floral light fixture from Eliason’s showroom and a reupholstered glider chair from the daughter’s childhood. Some of the art on the walls Eliason created herself. 

“It was fun because we sort of did an HGTV thing while they were out of town and did the daughter’s room,” said Eliason. “She loved it! She said her room got ‘Summerized.’”

Eliason has been working on this family’s home for a few years now and a few more things are on the agenda. Eliason is looking forward to designing the master bedroom and an outdoor pool house. The homeowner joked that Eliason might never be rid of her, as there are a few more spaces for Eliason to “Summerize” before the home is complete.

Summer Eliason Design
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