A Taste of Summer

Summer Eliason Design will help turn your outdoor space into a luxurious spot perfect for entertaining and relaxing


By Anna Byerley
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


A neutral palette and hints of cobalt blue turned this newly designed outdoor space into the perfect spot for outdoor gatherings. “It’s a pretty vast space as far as outdoor terraces go, so I wanted to keep it clean and consistent,” said Summer Eliason, the designer of the space. The homeowners find a neutral palette soothing and the cobalt blue that’s used in the fire pit and some of the tile around the pool was used as the accent color. “The cobalt is a classic color for an outdoor space. It relates well to nature and adds a little pop of color,” said Eliason.

For their new outdoor space, the homeowners mentioned to Eliason that they were looking for a dining area for entertainment and a more comfortable space for the upper terrace. “They didn’t want it to be too formal, so we mixed formal elements with a little bit more fun,” explained Eliason. 

“Outside of the master, we talked about doing a little bit more of a comfortable area, where we put a sectional and mixed in some wicker and aluminum rod iron in the master sitting area,” said Eliason. “We also used scalloped wicker ottomans that had a little bit more of a feminine feel.” The white cushions seen around the entire space were all made from the same fabric to help keep the design clean and consistent. “Even the wicker and the aluminum rod iron have the same cushions,” said Eliason.

On the upper terrace, imported gold antique French lanterns are used for the outdoor lighting and match the gold accents seen on the chairs. “They also wanted to carry some of the gold from inside of the house to the outside onto the terrace,” said Eliason. “The house on its own is fairly formal, so we wanted to mix a more comfortable vibe with the formality of the French lanterns.” 

The faux stone center table and urn are used as the focal point from the front door to the upper back terrace and the large cobalt planters help make it a bit more relaxed. 

Facing the putting green, a pair of faux stone renaissance lion chairs by Michael Taylor Designs out of California were used. “They are among some of my favorites of the items in the design because they are so special and unique. They are conversation pieces,” said Eliason. 

For anyone looking to freshen up their own outdoor space, Eliason suggests, “Treat it like an indoor space and bring some of your indoor colors to the outdoor space. There are so many great outdoor fabrics now that are just as soft as indoor fabrics, and there are so many different patterns to choose from!”

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