Homearama Goes Virtual

An inside look at the home design trends on the virtual tour at Norton Commons

By Shirelle Williams
Portrait provided by Anna Henry Photography
Home renderings provided by the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville 

For the first time in the fifty-three years of Homearama, the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIA) announced that the annual in-person event scheduled to take place in the Norton Commons neighborhood is cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, all homes will be available to view virtually on July 20 instead.

On average, Homearama welcomes 25,000 attendees to tour the newly designed homes. When asked how the decision to go virtual was made, Executive Vice President of the BIA, Juva Barber, commented, “We tried to figure out so many scenarios. Could we do it? Could we limit the number of people? As you’re walking through houses, there’s only so much space. We wanted to protect the public, our members and the homeowners.” The virtual tour of the participating homes will be available on the BIA’s website and is designed to capture 3D images to provide a realistic, immersive experience. 

Despite the change of operations for the 2020 event, Homearama will still showcase the charm of this year’s site at Norton Commons. Located in Prospect, KY, Norton Commons is an interactive, tight-knit community that sits on acres of farmland. Its pastoral landscape is what drew BIA to make it the new site location. Barber said, “One of the things we are trying to highlight in our video is the beautiful landscape in the area.” In addition to showcasing the attractive exteriors, the video also includes the unparalleled interior décor that is customary of Homearama homes, all curated by local designers. Because all of the homes included in this year’s tour were sold prior to the event, each home was customized to meet the needs of the buyers. 

Kaelin Brutscher.

One of the customized homes on the tour was designed by Kaelin Brutscher, the lead interior designer for local interior design and home decor company, Set The Stage. The color palette Brutscher chose for the house is influenced by an old-world European pattern that can be found on the tile of the laundry room floor. “Their home design style is European transitional as the buyers are frequent travelers,” said Brutscher. Design accents in an “x” pattern repeat throughout the home, such as on the kitchen cabinets and bedroom closet barn doors. Viewers can expect bursts of vibrant blue, aqua and navy throughout the home to elevate its classic and timeless design. This home also features a wine cellar and a retractable screened-in patio with an outdoor kitchen. The basement hosts several multifunctional spaces, including a children’s playroom, a bar and kitchen and a living room. Perhaps the most distinguishing part of the house is the large navy island in the u-shaped kitchen. “The kitchen is my favorite because of its vaulted ceilings and accent beams that are stained to match the hardwood floors,” said Brutscher. 

Bold color choices have been a popular design choice among this year’s Homearama homeowners. “One home is planning to have a pink door to honor their fight with breast cancer and another has installed green kitchen cabinets,” said Barber. A typical commonality among living spaces is neutral colors, marble and shades of white. However, the boldness in color schemes these homeowners chose reflects their willingness to take design risks, something Brutscher and her team at Set The Stage are accustomed to. Set The Stage is a four-time winner for interior design in Homearama competitions. Brutscher says her team’s willingness to experiment and take design risks is what sets them apart from other interior design companies. “Big things happen when you step out of your comfort zone. We really try to be versatile in style and feel there isn’t anything we can’t do.”

To partake in the virtual tour, visit homearama.com beginning July 20 to be a part of the live event!