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Making room for more: A home remodel built for aging in place


By Amy Barnes
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


When Missy Stober and Jeff Lasell decided to renovate their cozy Copperfield home, they envisioned quality, craftsmanship and customization. They trusted Clore Construction, a local business they knew could seamlessly pull off the large-scale project. For 28 years, Owner Mark Clore has worked on full-service custom residential, light commercial construction and remodeling. Mark’s son, Geoff Clore, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps seven years ago, creating the construction powerhouse they are today. VOICE Louisville had the opportunity to interview the homeowner’s about their recent renovation.

What inspired you to renovate your current home?

Missy: I wanted to create a space where we could age in one place. Our Copperfield house is the only home my kids have ever known, and my doctorate is in-home health and palliative care. I wanted to create the ability to live entirely on the first floor if we ever needed to. We have a large family with eight children, nine grandchildren and another grandchild on the way. We love to entertain! We needed to create a space that could grow with our family. Plus, we wanted to create a first-floor living space for my elderly mother.

How did Clore Construction help bring your remodeling vision to life?

Missy: Mark helped us to adjust the space to our needs. Jeff and I kept trying to design the kitchen in a U-Shape similar to its past arrangement and constrictions. Mark took a piece of paper and drew a box. He said, “there you go, now tell me what you want.” He took the time to listen to what we needed and helped us explore the room’s functionality. Mark suggested we move the pantry and expand the original doorway. He left space for coat hooks with a shoe rack by the garage door. He made room for a long kitchen island and a more spacious area for our dining room table. Jeff likes woodworking, so we needed to build a space for his workshop. Mark doubled the size of the garage then used the existing brick from the side of the house to make the addition appear seamless. 

How was your overall experience with Clore Construction?

Missy: I have been here a lot with the team. They’re an excellent company to work with! Everyone is friendly, responsive and they do great work. 

What renovations were completed during the four-month project?

Mark: We removed the existing wall, added two new 21’ structural beams to the attic to support all of the weight and doubled the size of the kitchen and dining area, the great room and the garage. The bricks were repurposed to blend the garage addition to the home. A mini-split HVAC system was added to the newly built space, along with recessed and accent lighting controlled from one convenient spot on the wall. We also re-roofed the entire home to blend the existing structures.

How do you measure you professional success?

Mark: It’s rewarding to complete these projects for our clients. I like meeting people, and I enjoy the challenge of the layout while bringing my experience together with their ideas. I find success when I can satisfy a customer because it’s inspiring to me. We get a lot of repeat business and referrals. One of the keys to success is that we use the same workforce we’ve had for years. It’s all about developing relationships. Quality is number one, and I still use the same subcontractors and teams on all of my jobs. We stay loyal to them, and they remain loyal to us. That’s what makes this thing go!

What is the working dynamic as a father and son duo?

Mark: Geoff works the same with his clients as I do mine and we talk about jobs all the time. There are customers of Clore Construction I’ve never met who call him directly for more work.

Geoff: I’ve always been very proud of my father. These are big shoes to fill, watching him do what he does. It’s not as much about building a business as building relationships with people.

Geoff Clore, Mark Clore, Jeff Lasell and Missy Stober.

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