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MOMS strives to give Louisville consumers a better home buying experience


By Rachel Porter
Photos by Rachel Porter


One of the first steps many newlyweds make is buying their first home together. But as the Kentucky real estate market remains strong, home-buyers need to be knowledgeable about loans that fit their needs and lifestyle. To fully understand the process of home loans and the importance of having a realtor and mortgage broker, we sat down with MOMS, one of Louisville’s most trustworthy mortgage brokers.

What is the story behind MOMS?

Multiple Option Mortgage Services was started in 1988 in Louisville, KY and has been locally owned and operated ever since. MOMS was created to give consumers a better home buying experience. Since the beginning, we have always made ourselves available to clients on evenings and weekends as well as what many consider “normal” working hours. We work closely with local realtors and their clients.

What services does MOMS provide?

We are mortgage brokers – we shop for home loans for our clients and take them from pre-approval to the closing table. True to our name, we maintain relationships with a handful of lenders to provide our clients with competitive options to meet their needs. We work around the clock to ensure all our clients are happy and confident in their home-buying decisions.

Why should people choose MOMS?

As a company, our mission is to be here for our clients from their first home to their last home. We want our clients to trust that they made the right decision when choosing MOMS. We are focused on customer service and the education of our clients. We work as a team which allows us to build relationships with our clients—they are never just a transaction. We also offer additional services at no added cost to help our clients reach their short- and long-term goals.

What are some of the benefits of homeownership?

I think the easiest thing to recognize is the pride in homeownership. Financially, owning a home is usually a person’s most significant way of building wealth. Many homeowners will improve their property over time, increasing their values. Your real estate appreciates over time, but you are also paying down the principal on your loan, building wealth.

What are the three most essential steps in the loan process?

1. An essential step in the loan process is getting pre-approved early! We cannot stress enough – planning early is key to getting the right loan at the right time with the best terms available. One little collection on a person’s credit report can dramatically diminish their credit score, which means either higher fees to the borrowers or higher interest rates due to a lower credit score.

2. Understanding the steps from pre approval to closing makes you a more informed consumer. Stay in touch with your REALTOR® and Mortgage Broker to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the shopping period and entire transaction.

3. Practicing the payment you expect to be making. With early planning, consumers can start practicing the monthly payment they expect. By doing this for several months, you not only have saved money for a down payment and closing costs, but you can tell from your budget if the payment you have forecasted is affordable for yourself and make adjustments where needed.

How does MOMS simplify the process for so many buyers?

We make lending as understandable as we can for our clients. As much as possible, we avoid using industry terms and will explain to them when they need clarification. We make ourselves accessible on evenings and weekends to answer questions or meet around clients’ schedules, which is especially helpful in today’s hectic market.

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