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Ben Palmer-Ball of Digs discusses outdoor furniture trends


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos by Kathryn Harrington


As the days grow longer, the smell of rain storms mixed with blooming flowers signals the arrival of spring. The warmer days welcome us outside, and festivities begin in anticipation of the Derby. Whether you’re planning to host for the big day or just looking to spruce up your outdoor space for the spring season, Digs Home and Garden is the one-stop shop for your outdoor lifestyle. We spoke with owner Ben Palmer-Ball about outdoor furniture and his tips on how to get what you need in time for Derby.

What are current outdoor furniture trends?

One of the trends we’re seeing is more options for weather-resistant and low-maintenance materials. A lot of the collections we have on the floor feature outdoor cushions with a waterproof sack so that the cushion’s core never gets wet. There are also more options for outdoor seating that don’t have cushions. They have a sling or a mesh, so it may not appear as comfortable as the cushion, but they often have a piece of foam in the weaving. We have some examples of that on the floor as well.
Another trend is that there are more colors and patterns available. One of the upsides of the pandemic is that supply chains have been interrupted, so the vendors have had to get creative about finding other fabrics and manufacturers, which diversified the options.

What colors are trending in Louisville?

My experience here in Louisville is that people have a more traditional style. People feel more comfortable with dark furniture. You can then accessorize with a colorful pillow or something that is not as permanent as investing in a collection of furniture. Color trends we see here are blue tones, and secondary to that green.

What outdoor furniture and decor do you offer at Digs?

At Digs, I try to do a whole outdoor lifestyle. We carry three or four different manufacturers, and we try to put together collections that can speak to a broader audience in Louisville. We have all-weather aluminum, wicker, teak and combinations of different materials. You can find acrylic barware, dishes, planters and pots, so you can pick up everything you need here at one stop. This year we have a line of outdoor rechargeable lamps that can stay on for up to nine hours. They’re cute little cafe lamps.

What advice can you give to those shopping for Derby and the spring season?

The reality now is that things are delayed because the manufacturers are having trouble getting materials and finding the workers they need. If you haven’t ordered furniture by now I would recommend that customers buy what they need sooner rather than later.

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