Home Trends November 2021: Digs Home and Garden

Decking your halls for the holidays


By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos By kathryn Harrington


As we move into November, the holidays grow near, promising cozy fires and peppermint-flavored hot cocoa. The early winter months carry great tradition, from time spent with family around the dinner table to decorating our homes with wreaths, holly, or jingle bells to invoke the holiday spirit. Some of my most incredible memories of the holidays growing up are decorating the tree with my mom and brother and finding places to put nutcrackers and mini gold, sparkly deer throughout our home. These simple decorations create a space and time for loved ones to come together, for the most significant tradition may not lay in physical things themselves but in the moments they make. This holiday season, we spoke with Ben Palmer-Ball at Digs Home and Garden to see the assortment of decor they will be offering.

What can customers expect from Digs this holiday season?

We’ve always focused on realistic-looking, natural options for ornaments, décor and tabletop. That tradition continues for this season, but we’ve kicked it up a notch by adding some glittered, shiny textures to contrast with the natural themes. In addition to the traditional red and green decorations, we’re also featuring orange, bronze and teal colorways for ornaments and ribbon garlands.

What is your advice for someone who is looking to decorate their home for the holidays?

We’ve taken pains to source realistic-looking greens for wreaths, garlands and sprays – which might cost a bit more than you might find at a big box store – but these items are so authentic, your family and friends will need to touch them to be sure. Think about spending a bit more money upfront. You’ll get many years of service from these quality products that can mix and match evolving tastes and trends. Some might even become heirloom sorts of décor that can be passed onto your kids or grandkids.

Is there any merchandise you carry that customers may not be familiar with?

We’ve discovered a vendor from Texas that makes ornaments, wreaths and garlands from a variety of birdseed and nuts that you can gift for the bird lover on your list. You can string them up in the backyard for your feathered friends too. We’ve also expanded our jingle bell options for this season. We’ve been working with a Pennsylvania vendor for a couple of years to create unique jingle bells for doors or mantels mounted on leather straps with various colors and widths. It’s an item we usually sell out of quickly. Plus, with our in-store partner, Petals, there are now more options than ever for live plants and blooms to brighten your home for the holidays or quick and easy gifting.

What is your most popular item during the holiday season?

We’ve been creating a ‘dog’ themed tree for a couple of years now – and we consistently sell those ornaments and stockings right away. We’ve sourced many new whimsical felt dog ornaments and even a dog tree topper for this year’s tree. Plus, we’ve added a few ‘cat’ ornaments for those folks who have been vocal in their preferences.

Will you be offering any sales or specials this holiday season?

Pre-COVID, we always participated in the Chenoweth Square Holiday walk around the first weekend in November, offering discounts and signature food and beverage items each evening. Last year, the merchants in the center participated in a three-day event during regular business hours. We haven’t settled on a firm direction yet for this season – so our customers should check our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the final dates and times. We will be featuring daily specials on different merchandise categories: scents, linens, books, ornaments, etc., throughout the event.

What do you hope customers will be most excited to see this season?

I’m hoping our customers will be excited to see that we are still ‘all-in/all-out’ for this year’s holidays. It’s been a challenge ordering, tracking and receiving products, but we’ve stayed nimble and creative to ensure that our store will be as fully stocked as ever – despite the obstacles that the pandemic has posed. It’s like the Grinch tried to stop our holiday from coming – but we’ve persevered in style and spirit!


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