A Tree House on the Ground Floor

Featured Home Wil Heuser 1-11-16 CL (77 of 168)Sitting unassumingly on a quiet street in Butchertown is a charmingly quaint bungalow, part of a duplex made by connecting two homes in 1987. The building was constructed in 1914, but the homeowner, a young single professional, has made it as modern as his personality.

He bought the space two years ago and has been working on making it his own ever since. “I call it a bungalow tree house,” he offers. “During the summer, you don’t even see the street. It’s all leaves and greenery – you feel like you’re up in a tree house.” The entrance to the home is via a set of expansive glass doors that open right to the cozy living room, which is prominently accented by a massive stone structure housing the fireplace.

Featured Home Wil Heuser 1-11-16 CL (67 of 168)The wall is minimally decorated with two delightfully eccentric cardboard animal heads. “I don’t support the killing of animals, so I love these cardboard heads,” the homeowner describes. “My intention is to put a whole collage on the wall. I’m still working on that though.”

The furniture is eclectic in its varying style, which speaks directly to the owner’s decor ideology. “I really like a mix of modern and rustic. I like it to be homey,” he affirms. “I’ve got a lot of pieces I find at yard sales, and I’ve got stuff from Bittners and Barry Wooley. I try to shop local.” The room is primarily composed of tones of gray, his favorite color. “I love gray,” he emphasizes. “It’s my favorite color because you don’t have to compete with it!”

In addition to its aesthetic charm, the space is wonderfully versatile. The owner capitalized on this by adding a small home office area in the corner of the living room that can be used as a desk or even as a dining table. Part of it actually folds down to allow more space for entertaining.

Featured Home Wil Heuser 1-11-16 CL (159 of 168)Past the living room lies the spacious and equally modern kitchen. The owner is still looking to modify the backsplash but is otherwise content with the space due to its ample storage, modern appliances and comfortable feel.

The bathroom is distinguished by sultry glass doors, and the bedroom, which sits just past the bathroom, features plenty of natural light. While it isn’t the largest home in town, it couldn’t suit the owner better. “It’s perfect for me because it’s one bedroom,” he contends. “It’s a bachelor pad completely. I’m single and by myself, and this place requires minimal upkeep.”

Featured Home Wil Heuser 1-11-16 CL (39 of 168)And its location is just what he needs for his busy lifestyle. With new bars and restaurants within walking distance, the neighborhood’s growth was one of the many factors that led him to purchase the space. “I bought it as an investment piece in Butchertown because I really feel the neighborhood is up-and-coming,” he explains. “Before the housing market crashed in 2008, it was the neighborhood to move into, and all these people were buying places and fixing them up. But then the market crashed and so you’ve got one house that’s really nice and one house that’s really bad. But it’s slowly been building back up.”

Without question, he’s glad to be living in the area as it continues to develop. He’s been something of a nomad his entire life, so finding a place where he feels at home is quite an achievement and certainly something he’s proud of. “This is the longest I’ve lived in one place since I was 16,” he relates. “I’ve moved nine times in nine years. So a lot of my furniture I’ve collected over the years from where I’ve lived. My place is kind of a picture book of where I’ve been.” VT