The Perfect Project

Photo by Kathryn Harrington.

By Sara Giza  |  Prestigious Properties

When Katie and Bryan Seger outgrew their previous home, they began searching for a place to make their own. As a senior manufacturing engineer at Santec, Bryan has a love of building things and taking on challenges.  Meanwhile, Katie is an elementary school art teacher who minored in design in college. Together, they were ready to put their skills to good use.

The Segers found their ideal project in this 1955 built brick house. The house has 2,400 square feet, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The corner lot came with a lush backyard and offers a sense of privacy, all the while being within close proximity to the school where Katie teaches.

“We bought the home from the original owners and really wanted a fixer-upper,” says Katie on the purchasing of their home. “We wanted a home we could grow into and make our own. We both really love to take on projects.” The couple loves the openness of the space and that the kitchen opens to both the dining room and living room. They kept the original French doors that pair with plentiful windows to maximize light. “We restored all of the hardwood floors that were carpet and re-stained them to keep some of the history of the house,” Katie says.

With a passion for design, the couple decorated the home themselves.  Katie describes her design aesthetic as urban farmhouse with a modern flair. The home is filled with furniture she has restored herself, making for unique pieces. She enjoys taking antiques and modernizing them. For the color scheme, they utilized cool tones and neutrals. “I love soft blues, gray tones and white,” says Katie, noting the use of some darker blues and grays in other rooms like the study. Textured touches contrast and create points of interest.Katie white-washed the brick side porch and added restored pieces of furniture, creating a space that is great for reading or having a drink.

“The built in bookshelves highlight our interests and hold things we’ve collected over the years,” Katie says of some of their cherished décor items, many of which were obtained while traveling and all of which tell a story. Above the mantel sits a gorgeous painting of a horse.  “It was passed down from my great-great grandfather and was made in 1888,” Katie says, noting that his horse was actually bred in Louisville. The cherished art piece is as much a nod to Kentucky as it is a sentimental item.

While the couple doesn’t currently have children, they purchased the home with plans of growing their family. That being said, they frequently enjoy hosting friends and loved ones at their house.  “We do a lot of entertaining,” says Katie. “We’re both the oldest in our families, and both families live in the area. We host an annual Derby party and holiday parties.”

Other than having a main contractor, Katie and Bryan did everything else on their own with help from their families, making the project all the more personal. VT