Southern Splendor

Photos by Tim Valentino

Photos by Tim Valentino

By Sara Giza

Situated right in the middle of three of Norton Commons’ beautiful green spaces, sits an antebellum-inspired home with all of the charm of the South.

Sara and Tommy Floyd had already lived in the development and knew they wanted to stay there, so they purchased a lot and hired an architect to help design the home they had always envisioned. “It seemed that every home we had ever swooned over had a common aesthetic –white painted brick and black shutters. Those two design features were a must,” says Sara of her home, which was built in 2012.

The 8,000-square-foot house features seven bedrooms and six and a half baths. Over the garage sits a carriage house complete with a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. The roof-top porch offers a great view of the neighborhood, along with two side porches for relaxing. The large front porch, lined with columns, offers a bit of Southern hospitality to guests.

“I think the most unique feature of our home is that it has all of the advantages of an old Southern plantation while also sitting right in the middle of the bustling neighborhood that we love so much,” Sara adds. The family enjoys being a short walk from restaurants, doctor offices, salons and shops.

life_prestigiousproperties_floyd_2Sara particularly loves sharing her home with her family. “Our family is truly the heartbeat of the house, and the children inspire the life within it,” she says. Architecturally, she loves the combined kitchen and hearth room. The large space works well for both daily life and entertaining. “The lofty archway separates the kitchen and living space while still allowing it to feel like one big room,” Sara relates, adding the foyer as one of her favorite spaces too. It provides a perfect formal greeting area.

Impressively, Sara decorated the entire home herself. “I love stately home decor, beautifully dressed windows and beds. I like spaces that look somewhat formal but are actually quite livable,” she describes. As a novice seamstress, Sara has sewn many of the window treatments, bed skirts and throw pillows. “I am also very frugal, and doing it myself meant I could purchase the high-end fabric that I so loved without adding the labor or design costs.”

The home’s color scheme is filled with neutrals or muted tones that can be timeless. As a photographer, Sara counts images of their children as her favorite pieces of art. Photographs adorn most of the walls, communicating what it most important to them: family.

The main floor of the house was designed with a love of entertaining, in mind. According to Sara, they wanted the space to be comfortable for a large group to mingle. “The basement bar and poker room are also great areas for entertaining, especially for televised events like the Super Bowl or March Madness,” she says. They added a large playroom downstairs where the kids can play basketball or dodgeball – near the adults but not underfoot.

“The basement/lower level is a true nod to my husband, his love of horse racing and the city of Louisville,” Floyd explains. “Everything from the bottles of bourbon, to the archways made from brick reclaimed from East Market Street tell the story of his hometown.” VT

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