Make Your Holiday Home a Hit

As the weather gets colder and the flurries begin to fall, many are busy preparing to warmly welcome loved ones into their homes. If creating space for entertaining, filled with the right dash of holiday décor is on your to-do list, the staff of Dwellings has you covered with the top trends.

life_homes_1_courtesyInterior designer Marvin Dyer has been with the professional design firm for the past two years. “The holiday trends are a mix of primitive and classic,” he says. When it comes to primitive, consider log cabins, country homes and rustic interiors he advises. Wooden Santa displays, reindeer and decorations with distressed paint are great accessories for this theme.

Classic trends include religious symbols like angels and nativity scenes. “This trend stays more towards the classic colors of reds and greens,” Dyer notes, adding that “wreaths with red ribbons or fruit can be really beautiful.” Pine cones are a great, budget friendly way to create a balance between primitive and classic designs. Spray them with gold or a color of your choosing and they’ll easily blend into your space.

According to Dyer, whimsy is the biggest trend of all right now.  Whimsy includes the playful side of the holidays and includes decorations that look almost cartoonish or exaggerated. “Maybe you would do a tree with a butterfly theme, just to be different,” he says.

An easy way to be a little more unique is to change up your color scheme. “My personal favorite trend for the holidays is orange! It’s the new red,” Dyer says. “I like to use orange, when I can replace red. Orange tabletops. Orange ornaments. Burnt orange ribbons. It’s almost the Christmas neutral. It goes wonderfully with lime greens and light blues.”

There are those of us who prefer fresh greens and trees, yet there is no denying that artificial pre-lit trees are really big at the moment. They’re an investment that can be used year after year, even when your design esthetic or interior changes. For a stable scheme, Marvin Dyer recommends combining the colors of gold, silver and white.  “This combination can look formal or casual,” he explained, making it well suited for any audience.

As for the future of holiday décor, Dyer predicts that the whimsy trend is here to stay for a bit. “It’s going to be a more fun way to complement interiors. It’s a much more casual, easy trend. Much the way that open floor plans became popular, it’s about spending time together just not in such formal ways.”

For the budget conscious or last-minute decorators, adding freshly cut greens from your own yard will always enhance your space. VT

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