Home for the Holidays

It’s easy to walk into Barry Wooley Designs and feel instantly at home. We’re sure that is by design since “homes” are their business and their passion. Beyond the design studio, the retail space is a trove of delightful gifts for anyone on your list. The BW team has no shortage of  opinions on what makes the most posh gifts for 2017. You can take their trained advice, or you can go be inspired for yourself. With these selections, a last-minute gift suddenly appears to be a well thought out gesture. 

Like Barry mentioned, every home could use a bit of black and it just so happens to be one of my favorite colors. This statement-making cast aluminum round mirror would be a great gift for the more edgy or eclectic person in your life. This would be a perfect addition to a bathroom or entryway. It would liven up a minimalist design or add to a more over-the-top room.

– Sara, Interior Designer

There’s definitely one item in our showroom right now that is a favorite of all the designers and it’s our one-of-a-kind 9’ X 12’ wool skull rug. This would be an amazing, over-the-top, “you’re winning best gift of the year” kind of gift.  However, we have many more budget-friendly options available to you as well. A personal favorite of mine is this beautiful black marble base lamp with cream linen shade. Every home needs a touch of black included in the design somewhere and this is a classic lamp that is sure to appeal to anyone in your life.

– Barry Wooley, President/CEO

We all love the look of a beautiful fresh floral arrangement, but who has time for that maintenance? This silk floral arrangement is realistic enough to fool even the most discerning eye. This arrangement includes a classic flower, the orchid, but arranges it in a more modern, organic way. It’s definitely one of my favorite things  in the entire showroom!

– Jacqui, Interior Designer

Lighting has the ability to transform the mood of any space, so it is key in design! This pendant is one of my favorites because the etched glass is modern and edgy, while the smoked ombre effect softens the look enough to make it approachable.

– Skye, Interior Designer

As the kitchen designer at Barry Wooley Designs, I have to say that I think you can’t beat giving the gift of a beautiful kitchen. I highly recommend surprising your loved one with one of our kitchen consults!

– Deb, Kitchen Designer

Photos by Kathryn Harrington