A Haven in Prospect Inside and Out

TVT_9923Take a brisk drive out to Prospect and to the neighborhood of Hunting Creek and you’ll come across the home of Sabine and Jeffrey Stovall. Right at the back of the subdivision with a creek at the bottom of the steep drop serving as a picturesque backyard, the home serves the ultimate purpose – a perfect home for the married couple that combines their love of nature and the countryside with their need to be close to their busy corporate jobs in downtown Louisville.

“We’re animal-lovers and nature-lovers, and we were really drawn to the idea of having our own land,” explains Sabine Stovall, a wealth planner through KFG Enterprises. “But what makes that difficult is that we both work downtown, so we wanted to find something that was a mixture of the two. We don’t really love neighborhoods at all, but the fact that we could come here and not really see our neighbors makes it pretty wonderful.”

The fact that the area offered the Stovalls miles and miles of trails and the chance to kayak to the Ohio River is something that made the location of the French cottage-style, four-bedroom home all the better. Even if there was one drawback.

“We’re on a deer path, and they love it back here,” recalls Stovall. “When we first came to see the house, there were three deer just staring at us. We knew we belonged right there and then – it was super awesome. Well, super awesome until I started planting flowers and I realized that they eat everything!”

Inside, the couple’s home is an elegant mix of old and new. The old coming in the shape of tasteful antique furniture and the new coming from new paint and new selections with the help of an expert eye. Stovall’s choice was Velma Watkins, executive vice president of Burdorf Interiors

“She helped with the initial pieces of furniture, and then, to help put it all together, I blew up Barry Wooley and destroyed his store and got all the stuff he had that were antiques.”

For Stovall, the kitchen is an important area. She cooks daily, so the addition of brand new wooden floors was a must, as was the installation of granite counter tops. But while cooking is a passion, the food is often brought down into the basement, or what Stovall likes to describe as her husband’s “Man Cave.”

Inside the man cave is what you’d expect, comfy couches, stone fireplace and a big television set where the couple enjoy watching movies and relaxing with their two pet bulldogs. On the wall is a framed picture of her husband’s national statistics from his baseball days at Furman University – on this ranking, he placed higher than Detroit Tigers’ starting all-star pitcher Justin Verlander. Today, her husband is an attorney with Fore, Miller and Schwartz and also acts as a city councilman for Prospect.

In fact, Jeffery’s family, which stems from North Carolina, has left its mark on several other pieces throughout the home. An antique walnut cabinet sits majestically upstairs in the living room, while on the other side is another handmade piece courtesy of the Stovalls.

“Jeff’s family make things from wood,” explains Stovall. “For example, we got this as a wedding gift,” pointing to an ornamental chess board.

But personal history is not limited to furniture in the house. The paintings on the walls also tell a story, especially the prints depicting Greek life. Stovall is fond of them because they come from a vacation in Greece – with a funny story attached. According to Stovall, the print vendor in the small town of Delphi was drunk and spilled coffee all over the prints. “I had to have them!” she recalls with a laugh.

Elsewhere, the home’s walls are peppered with images of trees and Paris, not a deliberate decision on Stovall’s part but rather a subconscious reflection of two more loves. But there is one painting that stands out. In the master bathroom, tucked away to the side of the his-and-her sinks, is a painting of the beach in North Carolina where they got married – sand dunes and horses roaming freely.

“This painting was done by a friend of ours who attended our wedding. We rented a place on the beach, and there is this wild horse estate and a federal reserve for these horses and they came over every day while we were there.”

Below the painting is a small champagne flute filled fresh flowers – another reminder of their marriage that has many more happy years ahead. A marriage that will be lived out inside a home that the Stovalls look forward to sharing with friends, family and guests for years to come VT

Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune