A Functional, Modern Style with Traditional Charm

Barberry Lane Home (7 of 12)_webGood design is about balance. It subtly brings an array of elements together, seemingly different, but all coalescing into a master canvas that delights the senses and breathes life into a space. Such is the case for this home in Louisville’s Cherokee Gardens. By working closely with her clients and combining both modern and traditional feels, Bittners designer Weasy MacLean has created a timeless home fit for the modern family that enjoys a nod to traditional charm.

Color, texture and pattern were all important for these clients. “A transitional, updated traditional is what they were looking for,” recounts MacLean. “The homeowner had a color palette in mind. She liked the reds, the blues … We wanted to work it all together and set a neutral foundation and add colors with wallpaper, pillows, accessories, paintings, things like that.” MacLean enjoys designing to her clients’ lifestyle. She listens to what they like and builds upon it.

Barberry Lane Home (1 of 12)_webWalking into the living room, your eyes are met with soft blue. The beautiful rug reaches out to you in a vibrant red. Another theme of the decor pops out in this room – mixed metals. MacLean wanted to bring the modern element of the design out through the metallic shine and color of the metal light fixtures, lamps, table and picture frames. Paired against the plush fabrics and their textures, these strong and sleek metals, again, bring balance and synchronicity to the room.

Barberry Lane Home (2 of 12)_webAs you move into the family room, a sea of natural light pours into the room. It was made to be stylish and very functional. “It’s not just for viewing; it’s for actual using. They really wanted the whole house to be that way,” says MacLean. She adds, “I think you can do really upscale design and have it be functional and practical for your lifestyle.”

Modern chairs flank the fireplace in this comfortable family room. Family pieces, collected over the years, are seen throughout this space. The central coffee table was brought from the owners’ previous home. MacLean points out that it’s important to utilize such pieces to bring the family and their history together into any living space. “A lot of people already have furniture, and they’ve spent a lot on it. If it’s going to work, that’s great!” she says. “Let’s use it.”

Barberry Lane Home (6 of 12)_webThe kitchen of this modern home is nothing short of stunning. Its central island boldly jumps out at you, boasting an incredibly rich blue color that echoes the sight of the deep sea at night. Again MacLean juxtaposes strong metals with soft colors here with the golden light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. They are strong and make a bold statement. This balances exquisitely with the sea of white cabinets, white marble island-top and softer silver tones of the kitchen appliances. While many people are afraid to mix metals, MacLean is not. “You can mix metals. So many people are afraid to do that. I’m not at all.”

In the dining room, the exquisite pattern of the blue and white Thibaut wallpaper takes over. A powerful painting with striking yellows dons the wall. MacLean brings in the neutral tones and soft fabrics of the chairs, the natural wood from the table and the especially tall golden metal lamps all together against the painting and the wallpaper. This is the epitome of the traditional modern style that MacLean has brought to life in this home.

Barberry Lane Home (4 of 12)_webBittners designer Weasy MacLean enjoys developing relationships with her clients that ultimately help her provide the best design services possible. “It’s been so fun getting to know them,” she exudes. “They’re such a great family. The more you work with them, the more you build trust with them. When they begin to trust what you’re going to do, you get to become a little more creative and bounce new ideas off of them, which turns into great design that fits their lifestyle.”

Building these high-quality relationships with their clients is something Bittners does incredibly well and has driven their services for over 160 years. It helps them create and deliver the look and feel that their clients are looking for, such as here in this Cherokee Gardens home. Subtle yet interesting, timeless yet modern, exciting yet relaxing – all brought together through cutting-edge design. VT