Froufrou Is Out, Jute Is In: Frank talk about home design trends from a Tassels designer

TVT_7360Thinking about giving your home a makeover? Are you up to date enough on rope chandeliers and jute rugs?

When it’s time to redecorate, many people turn to the experts for advice. One such expert on home design – what’s in and what’s out – is Wendy Saladino, a sales associate and designer for Tassels in Middletown, Ky.

Color is in, says Saladino. That’s one big trend she’s noticing. People are incorporating color all over their houses.

“Slowly, we’re seeing all kinds of color – oranges, chartreuse, aqua, a lot of blues, from bright blue to navy – which I’m excited about. Blues are becoming very trendy, and they’re also classic,” says Saladino.

The movement toward color has been a long time coming because “people are afraid of color; they think they’ll get tired of it,” says Saladino. So, it’s good to see people creeping out of their comfort zone a little.

TVT_7374Here are some of Saladino’s other tips for staying on top of fashion trends while also making your space meet your needs:

“We’re seeing a lot of upholstered headboards,” says Saladino. That way, the customer can pick a fabric and the headboard design. “Then you can truly have the look you want in your bedroom.” She’s also seeing the return of bed skirts – tailored, not froufrou.

Most people also want a television in their bedrooms, says Saladino. But the trend is to hang your flatscreen on the wall rather than trying to hide it in an enormous cabinet. People are getting over the idea that they have to pretend there’s no TV in the bedroom. Also, you can get televisions that look like a framed painting or a mirror.

On the floor, more and more clients are also moving toward the cleaner and more natural looking jute rugs as opposed to the more common colorful rugs.

In their bathrooms, people are doing “a lot of interesting things with tile,” says Saladino, especially with herringbone style patterns. People are moving toward glass doors and away from shower curtains. But that loss of fabric can cost a bathroom some of its warmth. “I like to see an ottoman, if your bathroom is large enough,” says Saladino. “You can move it around, sit on it, use it as your vanity stool.” And the fabric of the ottoman puts some texture in your bathroom. As far as sinks are concerned, “people are still wanting to be different,” says Saladino. One of her customers had a sink that looked like a bourbon barrel. People like vanities made out of re-purposed antique furniture, and wallpaper is making a comeback, specifically in bathrooms, she notes. “You can get your pattern and your color that way.”

In their kitchens, clients are moving away from plain white cabinets and opting for more colors, especially blue and gray. She’s also seeing a trend toward open shelving above the cabinets. As far as countertops go, people are moving away from granite and exploring other options like butcher block, marble, quartz and concrete.

TVT_7382“The kitchen island is still big,” says Saladino. And people like them large. “Some people will do two islands if their kitchen is big enough.”

Re-purposed space
If you don’t need a formal dining room, there’s no reason not to convert it to a study for your children, Saladino says. She encourages customers not to be a slave to conventional ideas about home layout. “I think it’s just whatever your individual needs are,” she explains. “Think about what your needs are and we can change it.” VT

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