Color and Coastal on the Menu


Stepping inside the home of Kim and Marty Wilson, it’s easy to forget we live in Kentucky. Light blues and aqua accents radiate in the open space like an airy ocean side oasis. After calling it home for 10 years, the couple was ready to make some updates specifically through a kitchen renovation.

“It was a huge black and white, nonfunctional kitchen. Aesthetically, it was pleasing, but I just didn’t feel it was functioning the way it should. Things weren’t really in the right place,” Kim Wilson explains, noting how the oven was angled at an odd 45-degrees. Storage posed another problem. “The storage was horrible,” says Marty Wilson of their previous kitchen. “It was hard to get around. Everything was in one space, so logistically, there were many issues.”

That all began to change when their daughter gifted them a consultation with interior designer Barry Wooley, President and CEO of Barry Wooley Designs. The award-winning designer brought his expertise and attention to detail. “Personally, I’m driven by aesthetics, but with kitchens, it’s all about function,” he says. After the consultation, the Wilsons were given a kitchen questionnaire to help guide the process. “We always do a complete client profile,” says Wooley, adding that the investment of time upfront lends itself to a more personal experience.


“I always knew that I liked open spaces, pops of color and the coastal, beach house feel,” Kim says, but it took partnering with Wooley to narrow it down. “The process is pretty cool. We went through magazines for inspiration and his team even took feedback from the beach house in one of my favorite shows. It’s been delightful.”

While the Wilsons entertain occasionally, their home is used most frequently for family functions. “It’s fun to have people over now,” says Marty, stating that they can enjoy their space like they didn’t before. After the remodel, they were able to easily accommodate a gathering of 20 people. The large, open space retains a sense of intimacy thanks in part to the subtle details.

Gone are the days of countertops cluttered with appliances or containers falling out of cramped cupboards. Wooley and his team installed an appliance garage that blends in to the cabinets. Storage cabinets and drawers are hidden throughout the kitchen, including under the table. An under-counter microwave also saves space, while under-counter lighting creates ambiance.

The updated pantry is one of Marty’s favorite features. “The pantry we had before required you to open the door and reach all the way in toward wire shelves,” but the new pantry drawers pull out for full and easy access. He also appreciates the oversized farm sink. The large wood table next to the kitchen island is one of Kim’s favorite updates. “It lends itself to hosting a large group but still feels intimate,” she says. She also loves the open space by the gas stove that allows her to cook, chop and accommodate multiple tasks at the same time.

A pleasant partnership with Barry Wooley and his team made staying in their home throughout the renovation less stressful. “If there was something wrong, they fixed it. Not only are they wonderful at their craft, but so respectful,” Kim says of the collaboration. Wooley often tells his clients, “we’re going to do everything in our power to make this good for you.” By all accounts, the Wilsons agree that is a promise fulfilled. VT

By Sarah Giza.

Photos by Tim Valentino.

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