Artisanal Elegance

Staff Writer

If every home has a distinct hallmark, then Pat Thieneman-Seitz’s showhome at the still ongoing Homearama event at Rock Springs is very much about bold colors and patterns. But these design signatures, which are the work of interior designer Lesa Buckler, are used so intelligently and sparingly that it makes this five bedroom 4000 square foot home seem both intimate and unique despite it’s obvious generous room.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a vast openness that owes much to the towering ceilings in the living room that stretch the entire height of the building. A left takes one to a kitchen and bar area fitted with custom cabinets courtesy of Details Designs and Cabinetry and outstanding touches such as bowl-like glass lamps courtesy of Brecher’s Lighting hang over the bar area giving the impression of modern lanterns and providing a perfect and inviting divide. Meanwhile an immediate turn right introduces the home office where an obviously nature-inspired green palette is accentuated by the rugged texture of the grasscloth wallpaper that Buckler states is making a real comeback in recent years. The room is finished with reproduction 19th century animal prints to give a delicate juxtaposition of classic and modern.

Upstairs are guest bedrooms that use cool colors with one particular flourish being the leather headrest designed by Buckler’s daughter Julie, while downstairs the master bedroom exudes luxury with a with a bed-bench covered with an alpaca throw, a set of draws with unusual but elegant acrylic legs and a leather bed. Making the room even bigger is a giant framed mirror, giving the impression of added space and light.

But it’s when one makes their way to the living room that the real showpiece can be seen up close. A mirrored fireplace, a framed Hermes silk scarf as well brightly colored and intricately patterned upholstery bring together the colors that are found in every other room – in essence a microcosm of Buckler’s and Thieneman’s vision.

The majority of the house is decorated using unique selections from Buckler’s own company Details Design Group, but there is some input in the area of accessories that came courtesy of Louisville’s Saratoga Accessories and Design. This ensured that areas like the outdoor deck was perfectly suited for any prospective inhabitant who enjoys both hosting and finding a peaceful refuge to unwind, with added touches of flair such as an antique bird cage making a great conversation piece.