An Improved Impression

By Mariah Kline  |  Photography by Tim Valentino

Finding a realtor and listing a home can be a tedious process, especially when a home has outdated decor or fixtures. In recent years, more realtors and homeowners have called upon staging experts to help sell their homes quickly. Amy Wagner and her team at Reflections of You, By Amy have the insight and experience to bring a home to life and swiftly get it off the market.

Amy has worked in staging and interior design for nine years, but her background in the business goes back much further. As a child, she moved seven times before the seventh grade, giving her many early experiences in the world of real estate. She also learned a great deal by observing the work of her grandmother, an interior designer from Birmingham, who taught her that the devil is in the details. With this history and an acute eye for visual spacing, Amy knows how to stage a home for maximum selling power.

“What we do is accentuate the architectural features of a property rather than focus on the items in a home,” says Amy. “When potential buyers take a tour, they need to see how they can place furniture and utilize the space for themselves.”

The Reflections motto is “less is best,” therefore, they implement just enough furniture and accessories to help buyers visualize the space’s potential. But staging involves much more than just placing decor. Reflections is certified in Expert Psychological Staging, which has taught them to identify emotional triggers that will draw someone in or push someone away from a property. They paint walls and place furniture based on the emotional responses they will evoke, creating the right environment that will increase the likelihood of a sale.

“You only have 26 seconds to make a first impression in a home and that impression is priceless,” Amy says. “That is why it’s important that we evaluate a home prior to listing it.”

Amy explains that those who do not stage their home or update it before listing often spend up to three to six months waiting for a buyer, losing traction on the property and a possible sale. Amy and her crew are mindful of the critical time frame in which a house needs to sell as well as the budgetary needs of their clients. Amy’s team can have a property prepared for listing within seven days if it meets certain criteria, and they lease their furniture to clients on a month-to-month basis to save them as much money as possible.

Reflections of You, By Amy is unique to Louisville because they have their own inventory of furniture and accessories available so clients do not have to sign a long term contract. In addition to staging, they also offer interior design and remodeling services. As the city’s preferred boutique general contractor, they are able to oversee every part of the design and remodel process, and act as a one-stop shop for anyone looking to update their home.

A recent project of Amy’s involved a home in Prospect where one lovely couple raised their family for a number of years. Since the family downsized and moved out, Amy has updated the paint colors, lighting fixtures, flooring and more and staged the home so buyers will see how it can suit their needs. The property at 6511 Sedgewick Drive is currently for sale and ready to welcome a new family home.

Moving and selling a home is difficult enough without waiting several months for it to sell. Staging a home before listing can entice buyers and turn an out-of-date house into an inviting and marketable home.