A Labor of Love

Photos by Kathryn Harrington.

By Sara Giza |  Prestigious Properties

Like most working parents, Kentucky natives Leah and Jason Smith seem to have a full plate. Between having three young children and providing care to individuals at their Alternative Adult Day Services agency, they know a thing or two about being busy.  Yet, with a little time and patience they’ve transformed their house into their dream home.

The 3900 square foot brick home boasts five bedrooms and four baths, with high ceilings and a walkout basement. Modern looking with unique elements, the home had clearly been loved by previous owners. However, it was a clean canvas when the Smiths purchased it—all the better to make it their own.

The family spends most of their time together in the main great room that opens to the kitchen and they love the way it turned out. “It was bare bones when we purchased it and we were able to bring life back into it,” says Leah, who has a love of architecture and classic lines. They enlisted Jason’s uncle, a carpenter, to make the space stand out. He customized a beautiful fire place and columns, that lend themselves well to the open layout. Both add interesting focal points.

“I love classic, timeless design. Neutral colors, metal, burlap and a modern take on a farmhouse. I like the comforting feeling from a farmhouse but to mix it up a little,” says Leah on her design aesthetic. To achieve the balance, she utilized the help of designer Kelly Hunter, a consultant for Ashley Furniture. The use of beige and gray, the granite counters and white cabinetry of the kitchen, together add to the light and airy ambiance. The resulting coziness is enjoyed by all.   

Another favorite space to create was their daughter’s room. “I loved creating a whimsical little girl’s room, for as long as she’ll have it” says Leah, complete with the use of the color pink and a canopy. “With children three and under, our world revolves around kids and functionality.” The Smiths’ contractor used a barn door to customize a baby gate that looks as if it’s just part of the staircase and isn’t bulky like some of the ones for purchase. Big trunks conceal toys and hide clutter when it’s no longer play time.

Leah’s grandfather, a carpenter, passed away before she was born. In their kitchen sits a wooden toolbox that he made. Today, it holds flowers as a rustic touch of décor, all the while providing a tribute to him. Close with their extended family, the Smiths enjoy entertaining with their loved ones.

“We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this house but we love it,” Leah says of their finished home. From the looks of it, it was well worth the effort. VT