Creatively Cozy & Classic

A Mockingbird Valley home is transformed into the perfect place for family, entertaining and fun


By Elizabeth Scinta  
Photos by Robert Burge


Located in Mockingbird Valley, this almost three-year construction project has finally been completed and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Ron Wolz, a designer and Vice President at Bittners, helped the owners achieve their goal of creating a family-oriented home with bursts of color, creative art and cozy, comfortable spaces. “They were looking to create a home that was perfect for entertaining. With three children, they wanted a place where all of the kids would feel happy and comfortable and where they would bring their friends. That was the main goal and we created something very timeless and classic with that goal in mind,” Wolz explained. Wolz loved the house’s original architecture and believes it complements the newly designed interior, while also maintaining its authentic feel of the surrounding neighborhood. 

The home has many outstanding features ranging from one-of-a-kind art pieces to a golf simulator, a full basketball court and a timeless library. The interior’s vibrant colors immediately stood out to me, from the vibrant pink in the office to the blues and greens in the dining room and living room and the pink and green stripes in the bathroom. The bathroom’s wallpaper is especially unique and was created by artist Irma Boom who spent ten years analyzing the paintings in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for inspiration. Boom was analyzing the color DNA of each painting, the six main colors that make up the painting and translated each color into a stripe. The “DNA swatches” from individual paintings have resulted in colorful wallpapers like the one seen in this home. Once Wolz showed the wallpaper to the owner, she loved the vibrant colors and decided they had to include it upon hearing the unique story behind it. Integrating such vibrant colors throughout the home makes it feel cohesive, and gives every room a positive and happy vibe.

The unique features of the home don’t stop there. Covering one wall is an art installation of multiple, beautifully made bronze flowers. Each flower is handmade, hand-cast and created by an art gallery in Chicago owned by the homeowner’s college roommate. Beneath the installation is a lovely green velvet loveseat accompanied by a bronze side table, tying the alcove and hallway together. Another wall has an abstract piece of art made out of pieces of seashells. Wolz said artwork or any kind of a statement piece is a great way to spruce up your home and add character to any room. For example, the office has ample character due to the handmade silk wallcovering from Elitis. Adding the oversized mirror ties the whole room together and gives it that classic feel seen throughout the entire house.

Being a bookworm myself, my favorite part of the home is the library. The wood-paneled walls, leather chairs and shelves filled with books create a cozy picturesque reading room. “This is, again, an example of keeping the house very classic and timeless. We wanted to create a space that had that sense of age and timelessness, and also the wood adds coziness to it. It’s a place where, if you’re working, it’s very comfortable, but it also looks like it could’ve been there for 100 years,” Wolz said. Wolz believes books should be a staple in every person’s home. Coffee table books and reading books add character, personality and texture to any room. A book can tell a lot about a person’s interests, likes and dislikes, so when making your selections to fill your home and bookshelves, make sure they represent you.

The kitchen also exudes a timeless feel with white countertops, cabinets and drawers complete with gold accents throughout the room. With colorful rooms surrounding it, the more neutral kitchen is the perfect balancing touch. Ultimately, it is a home destined to be filled with friends and family enjoying the decor and the fun elements they included too. “I think the thoughtfulness of the design was in creating a place where the family’s kids would want to be. It has a built-in basketball court, a golf simulator and all kinds of fun things to give the kids something to do while still being at home,” Wolz said. I encourage you to take a page out of Wolz’s book this spring and add some vibrant colors or new coffee table books to your home, and don’t forget to have fun with it!

731 East Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202