The Artful Nature of Home

By Janice Carter Levitch

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Interior design is intoxicating with its unique power to reflect personality in the elements of place while always keeping architecture within the peripheral vision of the overall plan. To be afforded the luxury of forming and fine-tuning every aspect of a home for those who will inhabit it every day is a designer’s ultimate challenge and happiest responsibility. Therein lies the possibility of realizing the ideal – a home instilled with heart and brought to life in the surroundings.

Christa Rose and Lesa Buckler.

Perched above the Ohio River, panoramic views of downtown Louisville are only the beginning of the experience you encounter upon entering the Waterfront Park Place condominium owned by Gus Goldsmith and Kim Delaney. Lesa Buckler, owner and principal designer of Details Furniture Galleries & Design, along with in-house designer Christa Rose, have manifested the unexpected for the homeowners.

“We connected with Gus and Kim after Homearama 2015 and they were ready to update the residence in their downtown Louisville condo building,” Buckler explained. “The space is the ideal place to show off an art collection.”

The moment you open the door to the condominium, you are drawn in by the luxurious view of the city just beyond the glass walls. The marble floor has a custom-designed fleur de lis mosaic as a nod to the Seal of Louisville. Buckler knew she needed to revamp the interior by utilizing the current palette of color inspired by all of the art.

“The homeowners collect art from around the world, and that was our starting point to begin the design process,” she commented. “The open living space of this floor plan in such a premier building allows you to enjoy a view of Riverfront Park and the new bridge. (Here) you have a feeling of what it’s like to live well in downtown Louisville.”

The existing vibrant colors and mix of artwork inspired Buckler to create a neutral canvas of wall color and fabrics that would elevate the art displayed throughout each room. Adding a neutral palette almost as an emotional balm to connect the homeowners with each piece of art allows a resonance to emerge. The specifics of each selection and choice influences the other. Slowly, as you walk through the open space, you get the sense of color along with a vast mixture of textures and fabrics.

Located in the main living space – above the custom-designed Emerson Bentley sofa sectional positioned for gatherings around the fireplace – is a chandelier by Visual Comfort that illuminates the painting displayed above the fireplace by Leftbank Art. The sofa and chairs are surrounded by lush pillows in Colefax & Fowler and Texture fabric choices. In the far corner of the room, Bernhardt metal chairs gleam with a bounce of light that dances around the room, catching a sparkle here and there from the Murano glass accessories.

The adjacent kitchen has modern appeal, designed with dark brown/black cabinetry that evokes a sleek yet approachable attitude. Buckler covered the Ambella bar stools in a custom sapphire and steel-gray fabric by Texture. Spectacular hanging lights by Crystorama Lighting brighten the island. Just a few steps from the kitchen, is the dining room, which features deep sapphire and azure tones with chairs upholstered in Osborne & Little fabrics that provide stately appeal.

“The homeowners love bold color, so while your eye may land on the cobalt dining chairs, it doesn’t hold you there,” Buckler explained. “You still notice all the other design statements such as the console by Global Views Furniture, zebra hide mirror and the Murano glass horse sculpture. The room takes on a sophisticated attitude with a pop.”

The homeowners have an affinity for all things tropical that remind them of being near the water, and the blue tones are a way of expressing that within their home. An artful buffet/console made with pewter steel footing reflects the light from the Visual Comfort chandelier.

“Replacing all the light fixtures in the residence also infused it with a modern flair,” Rose said. “With every fixture seen throughout this open-concept space, we had to make sure they were cohesive yet spectacular for their individual area. Although, without a doubt, the dining room chandelier is the show stopper.”

The theater room is Goldsmith’s favorite. Massoud Furniture chairs and a sectional in Fabricut fabric and JF Fabrics provide exceptional comfort. Martini tables by World’s Away and sconces by Arteriors set the mood for cinematic enjoyment in this cocooning space that is ideal for moviegoers.

The master bedroom provides serenity with design choices that also reflect the homeowners’ idea of relaxation. Buckler stayed the course with neutral tones that, again, showcase the silhouette of the architectural elements of the room.

“We went with a subdued palette in the master bedroom but not without the same luxurious feeling through layers and layers of fabric and textures,” Buckler recounted.

The luxurious bed is from Christopher Guy in a JF Fabric, which continues the neutral tone on the matching duvet and pillows by Texture. Bernhardt nightstands and mirrors punctuate the John Richard lamps and wall sconces. In the adjacent sitting area, the sofa is upholstered in fabric by Romo and well lit by chandeliers and sconces by Cyan Design.

An oasis is to be found in the master bath with rugs and towels by Abyss & Habidecor. White quartz countertops and white glass tile reflect the light flowing into the room from the large window, which provides plenty of natural light for the vanity area. The black-and-white Stria marble flooring and Brizo RSVP facets are the right touch to create a spa-like setting.

“Throughout the design process, we worked alongside Gus and Kim to ensure the designs were strong and well executed,” Buckler said. “We are into the little details, and inspiration can strike with just a swatch of fabric or a single chandelier.” V

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