Highball Hits the Road

The Jim Beam® Highball Formation Tour is headed your way


By Ella Treinen
Photos courtesy of Jim Beam


With the doom and gloom of the previous year largely behind us, there’s a new wave of energy and cautious optimism sweeping the nation. No longer are we in isolation at 4 p.m. each day, watching Governor Andy Beshear update the latest death tolls from the COVID-19 pandemic, often with a drink in our hand. Thanks to Jim Beam, the drink in our hand may align with the hope of the coming summer months. It’s time to get social, and the world’s best-selling bourbon is making its way toward you for the Jim Beam Highball Formation Tour. 

Tim Heuisler.

Jim Beam American Whiskey Ambassador, Tim Heuisler, is hosting a happy hour that began in Tampa in May and will work its way across the East Coast. The tour is hitting Florida, New York, Tennessee and 11 others, showcasing the flavors of bars and restaurants across the nation. And you guessed it, the final destination is our good old Kentucky home, where 95% of the world’s bourbon is produced. 

Events will be hosted in Louisville and Lexington by Jim Beam American Whiskey Ambassador, Beth Burrows. Mark your calendars for August 6 in Lexington at Goodfellas Pizzeria and August 7 in Louisville at Chik’n & Mi Friday and Saturday. What better way to ring in a year of new horizons and forced time spent apart than together and with a Jim Beam Highball in hand.

“In the spirit of bringing us all back together, the Highball Formation RoadShow will be traveling city to city, showcasing the vast reach of the community Jim Beam has helped build around the Highball cocktail! Highballs fit into every setting, into every city and into the hands of everyone wanting to raise a glass to sipping with friends, sharing bites and enjoying being back in the world we have been missing!” said Burrows.

For those who aren’t familiar, a Highball is a cocktail made with whiskey, soda water, ice and a citrus peel. Differing from your straight and high-proof rocks glass full of bourbon, Highballs are light, low calorie and refreshing. The Jim Beam Highball Formation is shaking its way across the East Coast, determined to prove the Highball is a drink for everyone. 

“I look at the Highball as much more than a cocktail; it’s a culture,” said Heuisler. “I’ve enjoyed Highballs in cities around the world and I haven’t seen a drink bring so many different people together. Its light, refreshing and sessionable style allows it to pair with all types of cuisines.  Food and drink are maybe the only two things a lot of people can agree on these days. The Highball Formation Roadshow was created to bring us back together and showcase the diversity of our Highballer community.”

Even in bourbon’s birthplace, there are folks who say, “I’m not a bourbon drinker.” The team at Jim Beam might reply that those folks haven’t found the right bourbon drink for their taste. The number one selling bourbon in the world is betting on the Highball to introduce more folks to the spirit. After all, you don’t sell 10 million cases annually by sitting on your hands. Highballs will satisfy you whether you’re prone to reach for a beer, whiskey or a seltzer, but don’t wait for the event to try out a new way to enjoy the spirit of our hometown. 

Jim Beam is encouraging you to “get in formation” with a Jim Beam Highball and an iconic Kentucky snack. The perfect pairing is made to help you tap into your Kentucky pride by bringing the comfort and flavor of the bluegrass state. So grab a glass and have a taste of Kentucky, whether it’s fried chicken, pizza or pimento cheese.

While the cocktail is something to look forward to, what is even more exciting is the opportunity to reconvene as a community, because often it’s in a time of celebration that we can best appreciate America’s native spirit. The Jim Beam Highball Formation Tour certainly gives us something to celebrate, as their adventure across the East Coast comes closer and closer to our backyard. It’s the beginning of a ritual, building culture and community through our favorite cocktail.

Register for the Louisville and Lexington events here.

Goodfellas Pizzeria – August 6th, 6:00pm
Chik’n & Mi – August 7th, 4:00pm

Chik’n & Mi
1765 Mellwood Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

Goodfellas Pizzeria
1228 Manchester St.
Lexington, KY 40504