Wedded Bliss

How newlyweds can stay healthy together

By Jeff Howard
Photos by
Lyman Winn
Krechelle Hymas
L!QUID Studio in Park City, Utah

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? There is truly something magical that happens when you watch two people walk down the aisle and you hear their vows to one another. Yes, it’s the formality of words that have been spoken for thousands of years, but it’s more so the tradition of watching two people start on a journey together.

I was fortunate enough to attend the recent wedding of my friends Carmyn and Jeff Wethington in beautiful Cancun. I actually introduced Carmyn and Jeff in August 2016, not knowing where it would lead. As I watched them exchange their vows, it made me think of my own wedding to my husband Mark. That is another excellent element of weddings: they make you reflect on your own love and the promises you made to the person you married.

I’ve had the pleasure of training many brides and grooms to prepare for this special day. Even Carmyn started three months ago with a set goal of what she wanted her body to look like for her wedding, and we made it happen. But the workout I designed for this month is for couples who want to maintain their fitness journey as newlyweds – or for those who want to relive those magical moments and workout as a couple like newlyweds.

First, some tips for starting out:

1. Set a joint goal – such as working towards a vacation, special event or a marathon – that you can both work toward.

2. Take romantic walks.

3. Cook together. You just received all this new equipment for the kitchen – now use it to plan out healthy meals.

4. Go to the grocery store together. As a couple, you can make shopping fun and make healthy choices.

5. Plan ahead when you go to a restaurant. Check out menus online and make smart choices. Don’t overindulge just because you’ve been given restaurant gift cards as wedding gifts.

6. Exercise together. You’ve just started a great adventure with your best friend. Keep the journey going with exercising, too.

The Workout

Perform each move in order without resting between exercises. Repeat the entire sequence two or three times with the total time adding up to 30 minutes.

1. Squat + Side Plank

Squatting person: stand with feet hip-width apart and feet facing forward. Bend at the knee, then stand back up.

Side plank person: start on your side with elbow under your shoulder. Repeat on the other side. Do 16 reps four times.


2. Reverse Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift

Both start in a lunge position. Bring the knee up towards your partner, then swing it back to a single leg deadlift. Do 16 reps three times, then repeat on the other leg.

3. Jack + Clap

Stand with feet together then jump out, giving a high five to your partner. Do 30 reps three times.

4. Plank Hop Over

Planking person: start with elbows under your shoulders and hold that position.

Hopping person: place hands on the back of the planking person, and hop to the opposite side of their body. While hopping, make sure to tuck your knees toward your stomach, and do not put your full body weight on the other person’s back. Do 16 reps three times.

5. Deadlift + Shoulder Tap

Deadlifting person: step in a wide stance and grab the planking person’s feet.

Planking person: when the deadlifting person lowers you to the floor, tap one shoulder then the other. Do 16 reps three times.

6. Roll Up + High Five

Start by lying on your back, then sit up and give your partner a high five. Do 30 reps three times.