Top 12 Exercises for the Best Celebrity Workout

Story by Jeffrey Howard

Photos by Jillian Clark

How to achieve “YOUR” Celebrity Body:

Make it fun

Do what you love: have fun! Exercise shouldn’t be something to check off a to-do list; it should be something you really look forward to.

Write Down and Measure

Write down what your goal is going to be. Then, put it on your fridge, in your wallet or somewhere you’ll be aware of it.

Take baby steps

Make your goals manageable. Break down what’s realistic for you, make a schedule to reach your goal and try to stick to it.

Treat Yo Self!

Once you’ve approached and reached one of your goals, have a reward system in place to celebrate your accomplishment. A massage, coffee with a friend or something new for your closet are good examples.

Ask for help

If you have a goal and don’t have a clue how to reach it, hire a fitness professional to help guide you.

The Workout Plan

How it works: Three times a week, do one set of 16 to 20 reps of each move in order, without resting between sets. Do cardio for five minutes, then repeat the entire circuit once or twice.

What you’ll need: one set of five to 10 pound dumbbells, jump rope (optional) and a mat or soft surface.

1. Jump Rope = Cardio

You’ve heard the phrase “it’s like riding a bike.” The jump rope is making a comeback thanks to enthusiasm from celebrities, and it’s a great alternative to cardio since it’s a low-impact exercise. You might surprise yourself with how good you become at it, but if you feel challenged by the actual rope, simply simulate jumping a rope.

2. Plié squat

Start with your heels together and your hands on your hips. Stand on your toes and bend with your knees, allowing them to point laterally. Go as low as your comfort level will allow. To make it a little more challenging, take your hands behind your head to work your core. You will feel your balance being challenged.

3. Plié squat: inner and outer thighs

While holding your plié squat on your toes, move your knees in towards one another and then back out. Once again, your core will be challenged and this will shape your inner and outer thighs and your gluteus.

4. Deadlift reverse fly

Stand with your feet wide. Bend forward with a flat back. Go low as you feel comfortable with a slight bend in your knees. Then stand up, lifting your arms and laterally reaching toward the back of the room. This is great for your gluteus and your back.

5. Single leg bicep curl

Position yourself with your feet in a kickstand position. Do a bicep curl starting with a hammer grip by your sides, and rotate your hand on the up so the hand weight faces your body. This causes the bicep to develop into a little ball which is a very pretty muscle. For a more advanced exercise, lift your leg to your comfort level. Pushing your heel forward as your toe is dorsiflexed will challenge your gluteus and core.

6. Single leg tricep extension

Position yourself with your feet in a kickstand position. Take your hands overhead and lower the weight behind your head. Keep your elbows facing forward, then extend the weights back up towards the ceiling. Remember not to lock the elbows. For more of a challenge, lift your leg to where you feel comfortable and continue the movements. This will work both your gluteus and core.

7. Battle Ropes

We’ve all seen the celebrities using battle ropes as they whip their arms up and down while hitting the rope against the floor. No battle ropes? No problem. You can simulate the exact same movement using two dumbbells. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees into a squat position. Imagine you have a rope in each hand, bring one up and lower the other. Making sure you use the upper body, move left to right so your core is engaged. This one is a great overall upper body and core exercise.

8. Deep alternating Lunge

Standing with your feet directly under your hips, move one leg forward and lunge toward the floor. Try not to hip hinge as you reach up with the opposite hand towards the sky. Bring the leg back and repeat with the other leg. If you need to put your hand on your quad, do so.

9. Killer Plank

Lay prone (facing the floor) on the floor, taking your elbows to the ground under your shoulders with palms facing down. Tuck your toes under so they are on the floor. Then pick your hips up off of the floor into a stabilized plank. Lower your hips back to the floor and repeat.

10. Glutes builder

Position yourself prone on all fours and take a small hand weight behind your knee, bending the leg to secure the hand weight. Push the heel to the sky while never losing the weight. Repeat on your other leg. This exercise can also be done on your elbows.

11. Chest fly and lower abs

Lying supine (facing up) bring your hands up towards the sky, lifting one leg. As you open your arms to either side of the room and lower them back towards floor, lower the raised leg and bring the other leg up. Your head remains on the floor as you continue with chest fly, lowering one leg after the other. Only lower the leg to where you feel comfortable. If you have lower back issues, leave your legs elevated. For more of a challenge, lift your head and form a C curve.

12. Butterfly abs

Lying supine, bring the soles of your feet together so they touch. With your hands behind your head, do a crunch and try to touch your elbows to your knees. Once your set is complete, you may want to try a more challenging move. Keeping the soles of your feet together, lift them up towards the sky and then bring them back down towards your body. VT

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