The Time is Now for Derby Beauty

Photo by zach erwin

(Photo by Zach Erwin.)

By Graham Pilotte

Sometime around St. Patrick’s Day, Louisville starts to look ahead to Derby. From hats and bow ties to sundresses and shorts, it’s time to bring in spring fashion and we all want to look our best to celebrate the most social time of year. If you’re feeling stuck on how to freshen up for spring, Dr. Bradley Calobrace is here to help.

Now in his twentieth year of practice, Dr. Calobrace is one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in the nation. The Calobrace and Mizuguchi  Plastic Surgery Center specializes in cutting-edge technologies to help patients look and feel their best. “St. Patrick’s Day will be my twentieth year of private practice in Louisville,” Dr. Calobrace explains with a smile. “I remember just moving here; I always consider myself a newcomer in Louisville. But now it’s twenty years later.”

Both Dr. Calobrace’s plastic surgery center and CaloSpa, his medical rejuvenation center, feature a variety of treatments to reinvigorate patients. “People aren’t going to come get a facelift or other surgery for Derby,” Dr. Calobrace explains. “But they still want to get ready. We have all kinds of treatments, from Botox to fillers to lasers, that can make people look and feel refreshed before Derby.”

Both facial and body treatments are popular. “Some patients really want to make their face look the best by adding Botox,” Dr. Calobrace asserts, “some want to add fillers, to add volume to the face and lips, which creates an anti-aging effect.” Other clients, however, have different priorities. “Some people choose to do laser treatments to help their complexion or pores, or even pigmentation,” Dr. Calobrace says, “and some are just going to have a facial. It’s a very busy time for us, for sure.”

“Getting Derby-ready is a great motivator,” Dr. Calobrace says. “I always think of Derby as the time we start to do everything we’ve been putting off. You get the yard ready for summer, and you get the body ready for summer, too.” Of course, like any doctor, he knows that there aren’t shortcuts to real health. “Good nutrition, good health, diet – all those things go together,” Dr. Calobrace explains. However, his treatments are certainly a possible component of a healthy lifestyle, and he encourages a consultation for anyone considering exploring his treatment options. “What’s important is feeling confident and beautiful,” Dr. Calobrace asserts.

And if you’re considering a treatment, you’ll want to go to the very best. “Experience trumps anything else, and we have twenty years of experience,” Dr. Calobrace explains. Incredibly, he was one of a few pioneers who brought Botox to Louisville before it was even FDA-approved for cosmetic uses.

“You can put a filler in somebody’s face and it doesn’t change the way they look if it’s not in the right location, and in the right way,” Dr. Calobrace says seriously. “You need the right hands.” He also practices what he preaches. “On me, personally, I was shocked – a younger, more rested me. I looked totally different,” he says.

He recommends starting soon. “If you’re doing a series of treatments, you want to get going on that now rather than later,” Dr. Calobrace explains. “Going in a few days prior to Derby is not the time – we’ve got six to eight weeks right now to really get in and get therapy.”

So if you’re considering a treatment, Dr. Calobrace encourages you to come in for a consultation. He says that many patients come to him because of word of mouth – watching the success stories of their friends. “Knowing it’s not surgery and it’s quick and highly effective — that’s what draws people in,” Dr. Calobrace explains. “And anything we can do to make people feel confident is worthwhile.” VT

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