The Art of Aesthetics

Story and photos by Mariah Kline

While a number of medical professionals are trained in cosmetic procedures, few of them treat their work the way Victoria Faulconer does. As one of The Skin Group’s most sought after practitioners, Faulconer is taking the work of aesthetics to new heights and giving clients the natural-looking results that they desire.

Faulconer originally started her career as a speech pathologist, but after moving to Kentucky from the Ukraine in 1998, she decided to pursue a second master’s degree in physician assistant studies at the University of Kentucky. She completed more than 9,000 facial reconstruction and Mohs surgeries prior to doing cosmetic procedures but now enjoys the fulfillment that comes with working in aesthetics.

“It’s very gratifying to see the joy in someone’s eyes,” she said. “Many of my patients are teachers, nurses, mothers and daughters who take care of everyone else in their lives, and this is a little something nice that they do for themselves.”

In this line of work, Faulconer can apply her extensive knowledge of science and anatomy, but she also appreciates the artistic touch and finesse that she brings to the practice.

“I’ve always been an artist,” she explained. “I draw and I paint, and that’s why I think I look at every face like a canvas; you see what you can bring to it and what you can try to hide. We all have symmetry with our faces so if you try to fix what Mother Nature gave you and factor in damage over the years – radiation and so forth – you can fix that. But you have to take your time, go slowly and evaluate as you go.”

One procedure which requires such attention to detail is Sculptra, an injectable that promotes both bone growth and collagen production. Practice Manager Lisa Zax informed me that it was invented in the last 15 years for people with AIDS whose faces became sallow after receiving chemotherapy treatments.

“A lot of people don’t even know it’s been on the market all of these years,” she explained. “The difference between it and other dermal fillers is that other fillers only address lines and wrinkles. They don’t do anything about collagen production but this one does.”

Sculptra is often called “the 401K for your face” due to its long-term benefits to skin, and the effects can last up to two years. It is typically administered in three treatments six weeks apart and the results appear gradually over time, working with the body to restore the skin’s inner structure and achieve a full facial rejuvenation.

Another procedure that can make a drastic improvement is the Kybella injectable, a “forever” treatment for those who have a fatty deposit under their chin. It works by permanently destroying the fat cells in the area where it’s injected. The process only takes 15 to 20 minutes and permanently improves one’s profile.

The providers at The Skin Group not only focus on preventing the need for plastic surgery but also helping their patients achieve healthy skin for the long-term. With the variety of injectables, laser treatments and chemical peels they offer, they can provide each patient with both confidence and peace of mind.

“Everything we do is so safe,” explained Faulconer. “I’ll address any fears a patient has and explain that it’s very safe and it’s not permanent. With surgery if you get a nose job done, it’s permanent. In this case if you don’t like it, we can fix it.”

“With the injectables, you can avoid the dangers of having a facelift and going under anesthesia,” said Zax. “That’s the purpose – to take care of yourself and have healthy looking skin.” VT