Pedal into Adventure

Photos by Mariah Kline

By Mariah Kline  |  Health and Wellness

Bicycle riding is known as a great form of exercise, but most cyclists agree that riding in a park or around one’s neighborhood can become a little mundane. For those who want to up their game and try something different while staying active this summer, mountain biking can make for a great alternative. And what better place to get started than a large climate-controlled park with tracks for all skill levels?

The Mega Bike Park at the Louisville Mega Caverns is the world’s only underground bike park. The park is divided into different areas based on difficulty level and maintains a cool 60 degree temperature year round. The Caverns offer rental bikes and helmets, and their all-day pass lets guests thoroughly explore the large area.

The bike park takes up over 320,000 square feet and includes over 45 trails. A variety of curves, jumps and challenges makes up each course, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Anyone over the age of 7 can participate, and the courses are broken down for beginner, intermediate and advanced bikers.

“Anyone who likes being on a bike can enjoy a day here even if it may not seem like their thing,” says Marketing Manager Jeremy Priddy.

For experienced mountain bikers, the staff recommends bringing your own gear since the rental equipment is first come, first served. The trails can become muddy in the summer due to humidity, but they are maintained full time by park managers, who consistently work to dry out and sustain the course. Staff members are also available to answer any biking related questions and help you navigate (it is a very large cave, after all).

For those who want to go at a slower pace but still experience biking underground, they also offer an electric bike tour, which gives guests a behind-the-scenes look at every part of the cavern. These guided tours let guests pedal on an electric bike while exploring and learning more about the cavern’s history and many uses. Since the cavern used to serve as a limestone mine and later a fallout shelter, its fascinating background will entertain as you pedal.

Other ways to spend the day at the Cavern include zip lining and their Mega Quest aerial rope course. The Mega Zips have six underground ziplines, a racing zip and challenge bridges to push guests to the limit as they fly throughout the Cavern. The Mega Quest has a series of 76 rope climbing challenges to test the endurance and skill of participants. Anyone over the age of 7 who weighs at least 55 pounds can do the Mega Zips, and anyone over the age of 5 who stands at least 52 inches tall can take on the Mega Quest.

The exciting activities offered by the Mega Caverns give visitors the chance to get their heart rate up and have an unbelievable underground adventure. And since they have a massive amount of space to work with, there is a lot to look forward to in the future.

“Of the 100 total acres we have, we’ve only developed about 10 percent of it,” says Priddy. “So we have a lot of room to grow, and we’re looking forward to expanding and seeing what other exciting things we can do here.” VT