More than a Fitness Fad

Co-Owners Julia Lewis and Frankie Adams.

By Tonya Abeln

Photos by John Sodrel

Pilates has seen a major resurgence in Louisville lately. Some may even say it seems particularly “en vogue” given the new studios that have opened this summer. Vogue Pilates, as the name would suggest, has had an unparalleled level of chic associated with it since its grand opening in June; but this boutique Pilates studio is about so much more than just style.

While the name does evoke a feeling of fashion, the studio is simply named after its prime location—Vogue Center in St. Matthews. It is located within and operates in partnership with Dr. Troy’s Live Well Natural Health Center above Coals Artisan Pizza. If you are familiar with the practice of Pilates, you know that it is way more than a passing trend in fitness. In fact, Joseph Pilates developed the system of exercises in the first half of the twentieth century with the intention to strengthen the human mind and body.

Aligning with Pilates’ belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, the owners and instructors at Vogue Pilates are motivated by the improved vitality of their clients—by evolving and empowering people to transform their minds, bodies and spirits.

When speaking to one of the four owners and master trained teacher (Pilates Sports Center) Stacy Celi, one feels the pure intention that inspires her to pursue and share the Pilates method. With over a decade of experience, she shares, “My goal is to always meet people where they are on their fitness journey and to help them feel freedom in their bodies.”

Celi says she tremendously values the diversity among her client base. “I train bodies that are vulnerable and are looking to heal and exceptional athletes who are looking to strengthen, gain flexibility and everything in between. This method really celebrates our differences and in that spirit, we have session offerings that are flexible and can absolutely accommodate various needs. I have trained busy working moms by Skype session before, so I understand that working this into your lifestyle looks different for everyone.”

Fellow owner and instructor, Julia Lewis says the studio operates like a family and their clients are part of that: “We are very much a boutique studio which makes the experience feel more intimate. Stacy trained all of the owners—we call her our Pilates mom and co-owner Frankie was one of my first clients and closest friends.”

The fitness collective, which includes owners Celi, Lewis, Frankie Adams and Joan Richert, operates as a co-op with eight instructors, allowing clients to request private or semi private sessions at their convenience. With six Balance Body Studio Reformers, group equipment classes are also available throughout the week at various times.

The compassionate professionals at Vogue Pilates embrace the notion that change happens through small acts over time. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce stress, increase flexibility, build lean muscle or all of the above, they are committed to working with your schedule to help you achieve it at your own pace. Celi says, “Improving one person’s wellbeing can positively impact the entire community.” In which case, Vogue Pilates is improving our city one client at a time. VT

Vogue Pilates

3730 Frankfort Ave. #203