Happy Trails

Making healthy choices on road trips and vacations

By Jeff howard
Photos by Erin Trimble
21c Museum Hotel

Summer is here and that means it’s time for vacations. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the mountains or just going to see loving relatives, most of us will  be loading up the car in search of a little R&R this season. But along our journey, we need to stop and eat or get gas, and this is where we begin to make bad food choices and the trouble begins. We have all been there. We throw caution to the wind and choose snacks that we would normally refrain from.

I would like to give you a little gentle advice of some better choices for you to make while on the road. You want to seek out snacks with more protein and fiber and less sugar. This will provide more energy and satisfy your hunger. Just be sure to include water with your snack choice so you stay hydrated.

10 Healthy Snacks to Choose at a Convenience Store

1. Baked potato chips and pretzels

2. Pistachios

3. String cheese

4. Beef jerky

5. Flavored bubbly water

6. Fresh fruit

7. Hard-boiled eggs

8. Sunflower seeds

9. Whole grain cereal cups

10. Non-fat Greek yogurt

Once you have eaten healthy along your journey, you’re ready to stay the course with exercise when you arrive at your destination. I have designed a quick, 12-minute workout that should help keep you on track.

This workout can be done in the privacy of your hotel room, and all you will need is a timer. Complete each exercise for one minute. For a warm up, start with a slow jog outside or 100 jumping jacks in your hotel room. Here’s to an amazing, healthy and fun-filled summer!

1. Squats

Use your bed to sit on then stand up, keeping your hands in front of your body.

2. Wall squat

Find a wall and lower yourself so your knees are at a 45 degree angle.

3. Single leg split lunge

Use a chair or bed and lower yourself to where you feel comfortable. Then, raise back upwards and repeat with the other leg.

4. Single lift knee crunch

Holding onto a chair, lift your leg upwards. Bend the knee and bring your elbow to the knee. Repeat with the other leg.

5. Single leg lift

Using a chair or bed, place your elbows on the surface and engage your core. Lift the knee into the body then slowly lift it upwards. Try not to swing the torso or legs. Repeat on the other side.

6. Incline jack

Using a chair or bed, place your elbows on the surface and engage your core. Start with your legs together, then step outwards. Bring them back together and repeat.

7. Incline push-up

Holding onto a desk or dresser, step away and hold yourself into a plank. Lower your body downwards, then lift back up. For a progression, do a decline push up by placing your feet on the bed and hands on the floor. Lower yourself to the floor, then push upwards. If you have lower back issues, separate your legs.

8. Supported reverse crunch

With your hands on a chair, lift your gluteus off the chair. Lift one knee toward your chest, then lower and alternate with the other side.