Happy and Healthy Skin

Dr. Robert Zax

By Graham Pilotte

Many people believe that sunscreen is only useful in the summer. But this fall, Dr. Robert Zax of The Skin Group reminds patients that’s not the case.

“The Skin Group is a full-service dermatology practice,” Dr. Zax says. “I specialize in Mohs surgery, but we do see general dermatology patients and cosmetic patients. So, sun protection – I’m all about that. You need to be wearing sunscreen daily, no matter what time of year it is.”

The Skin Group has two locations, one in Downtown Louisville and one in Brooks, Kentucky, and the business has been around for quite a long time. “I’ve been in practice since 1990,” Dr. Zax says. “Personally, I focus mostly on skin cancer.” Although melanoma is unfortunately on the rise, he knows of some effective ways to fight back.

Mohs surgery is a specialized procedure that only a few dermatologists are trained to perform, and Dr. Zax is one such surgeon. “It’s the surgical removal of a skin cancer layer by layer,” Dr. Zax says. “I’m evaluating the cancer cells during the procedure and only removing the smallest amount of normal tissue possible, until we know that the margins are clear and the cancer is gone.

“I knew going into medical school that I wanted to be a surgeon of some type,” Dr. Zax explains. “During my fellowship, I rotated in dermatology, discovered dermatologic surgery and the Mohs procedure and that sparked my interest. It’s a chance to treat skin cancer and help people, but also the reconstruction is kind of artistic in that every case and every patient is different.”

Dr. Zax urges patients to take preventative measures before sun damage strikes, using sunscreen and staying in the shade whenever possible. “A high-quality moisturizer is also important for good skin care,” he says. “And avoid being in the sun certain hours of the day, like between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., although that’s tough for those individuals who work outside.”

Additionally, there are times when it’s recommended you check in with your doctor. “If you have a skin blemish or lesion that doesn’t heal over a six-week period, it should be evaluated,” Dr. Zax explains. “If you have a mole that grows rapidly, itches, bleeds or changes in color, come check in.”

In addition to raising awareness for skin cancer prevention this fall, The Skin Group also has holiday specials for their aesthetic procedures. “Patients who are at a higher risk for developing precancerous growths or skin cancer often have actinic damage, or sun damage,” Dr. Zax says. “Many are candidates for cosmetic procedures, like our laser package, for rejuvenation.”

Clients who purchase a laser package can receive an area of Botox or Dysport for free, and clients who purchase two areas of Botox or Dysport receive one for free. Also, clients who purchase a syringe of dermal filler receive the second syringe at 50 percent off.

For any skin care needs The Skin Group can address it. Whether you’re looking for your annual preventative check-up or freshening up for a holiday party, Dr. Zax and his colleagues are ready to welcome you in. VT

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