Fall Skin Gets a Fresh Start

By Graham Pilotte

As the weather cools down, skin often becomes dry, tired and wrinkly—not your ideal. But thankfully, Massage Envy’s new chemical peels are here to help you exfoliate your way to healthier skin.

“Our name on the door says massage, but the area we’re growing is actually skin care,” says Vycki Goldenberg-Minstein, owner of one of the two Louisville-area franchise groups. “It’s a national launch, similar to the concept behind Starbucks. You get your chai latte at one Starbucks, and you’re expecting the same chai at the next,” she says with a smile. “The procedures we do here are the same all over the country.”

The chemical peels are available at the four Louisville area locations—St. Matthews, Springhurst, Middletown and Clarksville in Indiana. There are two franchise groups, one headed by Goldenberg-Minstein and one by Marcia Cotner. A chemical peel may sound like a scary name, but Goldenberg-Minstein calmly describes it as an exfoliation treatment. “There’s a peel basically for every skin issue,” she explains.

“We’re more like a clinic than we are a spa,” Goldenberg-Minstein explains. “So we have paperwork for you to fill out, and we need to know of any medical conditions—kind of like a doctor’s appointment.” The process is reassuringly clinical, and Goldenberg-Minstein says the effects are worth it. “My rosacea was lessened after the peel,” she testifies, “and it’s a wonderful treatment for people with acne. We’ve seen before-and-after pictures and it’s dramatically improved.

“You go back into the esthetician’s room and they can see sun damage, blackheads and clogged pores,” Goldenberg-Minstein says. “They can see it all and recommend a treatment. But everyone gets the sensitive skin peel the first time – it feels mildly peppery, and you leave with absolutely gorgeous, glowing skin. It’s not the kind of facial where you leave with a red face,” she says with a laugh. 

Although some clients do experience peeling and flaking, Goldenberg-Minstein says that this usually occurs well after the procedure. And Esthetician Diana Thiel is in agreement about the benefits of the procedure.

“We have three different chemical peels, along with an advanced treatment booster you can pair up with the peels,” Thiel says. The first, she explains, is for sensitive skin, the second for mature skin and the third an advanced solution. “We also have the advanced treatment booster, which is really nice for increasing exfoliation and restoring barrier functions,” Thiel explains.

“Everyone is really scared of the chemical peel—they think back to the days of Sex and the City where Samantha had a chemical peel and came in with her face all burnt off. We have a much more safe way,” Thiel says reassuringly, “and if your skin is sensitive, we will not proceed. It’s a safe, effective method.”

This autumn, your skin can be in shape for everything from fall weddings to family vacations. “You’ll be amazed at how good your skin looks,” Goldenberg-Minstein asserts. “You can really get it where you want it to be.” VT