Celebrating Fathers at Lululemon

By Jeff Howard

Photos by Jordan Wilson

Recently, I had the honor of teaching at an in-house event at the Lululemon store in Oxmoor Mall. This was an opportunity to sweat and get last-minute Father’s Day shopping taken care of, but it was also an opportunity to honor fathers. Lululemon celebrated men who live authentically, share their passions and live by their truth daily. The event’s theme was “Give what’s yours.” I really applaud Lululemon for acknowledging all versions of fathers and showing appreciation for them.

Hannah Hollenbach, Jeff Howard and Heather Hollenbach.

I led 45 attendees through a workout, which left them sweating. Lululemon was generous enough to have giveaway prizes for trivia questions regarding Father’s Day and the history of the store. At the end of the workout, people had a great shopping experience. Also, every attendee received a can of the Louisville-based energy drink Phocus. And at the end of the day, everyone certainly “gave what was theirs.” VT