Bounce With Me

Brooke Vernon, Rashna Carmicle and Holly Meadows of B.YOU. Photo by Shaughn Tillman

Brooke Vernon, Rashna Carmicle and Holly Meadows of B.YOU. Photo by Shaughn Tillman

It’s not every day my job leads me to bouncing on trampolines at the chicest fitness boutique in Louisville, but when I was offered up the chance to try B.YOU’s newest “B.bounce” class, I jumped at the opportunity. I arrived at 8:20 a.m., and upon entering the light and airy studio chock-full of darling workout gear, smiling women welcomed me to class. The environment feels like a chic girl-power haven, a sisterhood of women defeating stereotypical cattiness and encouraging their counterparts to be the best version of themselves. I followed the pack into one of the rooms in the back, where trampolines scattered the floor.

Rashna Carmicle, who co-owns the fitness boutique with partner Stephanie Bristow, stood waiting to lead the class (with an energy level that was the perfect mix of motivational and aspirational). The studio was buzzing with laughter and talk of “back-to-school” freedom from moms who seem to use this space as a sanctuary of escape from carpools and deadlines. I scanned the premises and, just my luck, the last trampoline open for business was at the very front of the class. I eyeballed the back of the room hoping I could will another trampoline into existence…it didn’t work. So I took a breath and joined Rashna at the front of the room.

Right away, she instructed that students are not supposed to bounce high but instead should stay low to the trampoline and move quickly. It proved to be a challenge for someone as uncoordinated as me, but within minutes, my body became accustomed to the surface. Club music kicked on, and within 10 minutes of the choreographed dance moves, sweat began beading at my forehead. Women all around me giggled the burn away and let out excited yells when the “booty boppin” tunes came on. Mid-class, Rashna turned out the lights and illuminated the room with rainbow lights while instructing us to run in place as fast as we could. By the end of the hour, I felt like a limp noodle, but surprisingly, it was my abs that hurt the most from laughter.

After class, Rashna informed me she burned a whopping 676 calories…and it wasn’t even 10 a.m. yet. B.YOU prides itself on maintaining its reputation as a “modern fitness boutique” and that means constantly bringing the trendiest workouts to Louisville women. She explains, “We really want people to know that you’re not going to feel silly. Everyone has had a first day, so get out of your comfort zone, have fun and try something new!”

Bouncing, otherwise known as rebounding, is widely used across the world in physical therapy clinics as an ideal way to increase core strength, improve posture, strengthen muscles and improve coordination while keeping joints safe. Combined with the choreography, fun lighting and mood-moving music that B.YOU has incorporated in B.bounce, you get an exhilarating cardiovascular workout that will leave you drenched in sweat but with an enormous smile on your face.

The health benefits alone are worth a try, even if it weren’t so much fun. Used by David Beckham and NASA astronauts to improve bilateral motor skills, rebounding increases oxygen capacity and circulation to tissues and the lymphatic system while increasing metabolism, energy and a sense of vitality. The practice, unlike many cardiovascular activities, is low impact to knees and promotes stronger bones, reducing the risk for osteoporosis by putting the bones under slight stress during the repetitive action, causing the musculoskeletal system to build and improve bone mineral content.

You can schedule a class at their locations in Springhurst, Chenoweth Square – and in the fall – their New Albany location! B.brave and head into B.YOU for your bounciest workout yet. A sisterhood awaits you! VT

For more information, visit or call 502.930.2348.