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There are few things that last a lifetime. Technology advances, fashions change and sometimes, relationships dissolve. But a tattoo of an ex’s name doesn’t just disappear. Not naturally, anyway. But a solution does exist, and Take It Off Laser Tattoo Removal can help you do just that – take it off.

Three years ago, Autumn Davidson opened Take It Off to solve a seemingly permanent conundrum. A working esthetician for the past 23 years, she has done facials, chemical peels, oxygen facials, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy, but she became interested in working with tattoos. What sets Take It Off apart, besides the clever name, is their desire to help people change their lives and remove bad memories.

The reasons people get tattoos, and eventually get them removed, are due to emotions, good and bad. Davidson says, “They remove them for job promotions, to enlist in the military, to forget bad memories, bad artwork, are tired of looking at them, or sometimes it’s the parents or grandparents that insist they be removed. The list goes on.” Clients also get laser treatments to dull the pigment so they can get a cover-up tattoo in place of the original. Whatever the reason, the most common tattoo removal remains consistent: names from a failed relationship and wedding band tattoos.

“These would fall under the bad memory category,” Davidson says. “Some clients cry when we remove them and others jump for joy.” These are the kind of removals performed daily, and with emotions high in these circumstances, it’s no wonder that they must maintain a high level of finesse when scheduling their clients. “We have ex-husbands and ex-wives come in for removal, so we stay very aware of these appointments so we don’t schedule them at the same time.”

“We had been working on a man’s wedding ring removal, and it was disappearing nicely. His ex-wife was going to another studio for her removal but noticed his tattoo was going faster than hers and she wasn’t having it. So she called and made an appointment with us.” What makes the technology at Take It Off so advanced is their use of the Quanta Q-Plus C laser, the best on the market, which leaves a less than 5 percent chance of scarring. With a procedure so personal, it’s important to have professionals who can do it quickly and effectively, and with the best technology in Kentucky.

“The procedure is usually very quick,” relays Davidson. “We take extra good care of our clients from beginning to end and keep them comfortable and their anxiety down.” New clients come in for a free 30-minute consultation, during which they discuss the age of the tattoo, skin type, ink colors and density, as well as any medications they take. After the area is cleaned, a cooling machine numbs the spot and the laser treatment begins. The treatment can take anywhere from one to 30 minutes depending on the tattoo size. Much like getting a tattoo, having one removed is not without its discomfort.

“Probably the worst part of tattoo removal is the actual treatment itself,” admits Davidson. “It feels like a heavy rubber band smacking you during the treatment but it’s short lived.” She recommends Advil as a pretreatment option to dull the sting, assuring that the soreness dissipates shortly afterward. Treatments are scheduled four to eight weeks apart, and it can take three to 12 sessions, depending on the quality of the tattoo.

Be certain, a little pain is no match for a permanent reminder of love-gone-wrong. VT

By Richie Goff

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