An UpLifting Experience

By Graham Pilotte

If getting in shape was your New Year’s resolution, 2018 may be your year. One uniquely personal gym, located inside a hangar at Bowman Field, is changing the way members approach their fitness journeys. Owner Angie Botts has created UpLift Training, and she’s making a significant difference one person at a time.

Walking into the gym surrounded by airplanes, you are immediately aware that UpLift is a new take on fitness. “Something just felt right about this space,” Botts explains. “When we first saw the room, it was just storage. But sometimes you just have a good feeling, and the pilot community was so great to us – very laid-back and relaxed.” Since her vision took hold, she and her husband Brent have transformed the room into a long, hallway-style gym with a uniquely friendly and unruffled environment.

“A lot of the time, for our clients, it’s all about everybody else – in their jobs and at home,” Botts explains. “This is their hour to make what they want of it; it’s our opportunity to focus on them. Sometimes clients don’t get a lot of support with changing their exercise or eating habits. Maybe not everyone in their family is on board with it, but when we just touch one person, sometimes the whole family starts to come along.”

“Angie does a great job of making it sustainable and changing up the workouts,” Brent adds. “It’s a not an intimidating environment; it’s very positive and encouraging. She meets with every single person and pairs them up with a trainer that will fit with their personality.”

“We do a full assessment, all the biometrics – weight, measurements and body composition. That also gives me a chance to get to know people,” Angie explains. “If people come here and hate the workouts, they’re not going to stay. We want to set them up with the right coach and start their program.” The consultations are free, and Angie encourages prospective trainees to shadow a friend, try a class or use the drop-in rate to test out UpLift. “They can always talk to me if they’re unsure,” she says. “We can usually find something that fits them, whether that’s a class or training.”

One unique aspect of UpLift came about as part of Angie’s own experience as a new mom. “I realized that moms with little ones don’t really have anywhere to go exercise,” she explains. “No moms’ groups are really geared around fitness, exercise or health.” In response, she created her Mom Strong class. “On Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m., moms can come work out and bring their kids,” she says. “They can bring little bitty babies in car seats, older children in a stroller or even older kids to camp out by the lounge chairs. That way if your baby is sleeping, needs a pacifier or is hungry, you’re right there.” Babies and little kids can stay right in the workout area, allowing moms to keep a close eye on their children while still getting a chance to chat and work out with other parents. “I don’t think there’s anything else out there like it,” Angie says.

From the Mom Strong class to personal workouts, UpLift is quickly building an incredible community of strong individuals. After just one class, the gym’s uniquely friendly and laid-back environment becomes clear, and it’s a truly empowering place. “I have to brag on Angie a little. If you’re here for an hour, it’s the best hour of your day,” Brent says. “It’s going to be positive, it’s going to be all about you, and it’s going to be uplifting.” VT

UpLift Training

2700 Gast Blvd.